Pixel Art Preview: Matron Elveiti



Please no more Arcanyst. Imma cri if it is

It’s still pretty though. Reminds me of the Witch from Narnia


Oh goodie…


Vanar arcanist. 6 mana. Opening gambit: Dispel square in front.


I’d actually be more interested if it did damage to all minions& generals in the row. Sort of like Dustwailer except less conditional and totally not vanar’s theme at all


INB4 Matrons for every faction!


Agreed, but as you know Vanar are the dispel/removal masters.


The pixel art of Duelyst is really setting new quality standards, congratulations!


Or, for a more interesting effect: “After move dispel every square in front of this minion”.


Well, the snowflake is heavily featured, so my guess would be stun/damage


Mfw when I saw the special snowflake:

No politics intended, just thought the red hair + snowflake combo was amusing.

Nice art! I’m confused as to what she might actually do (snowflake + flame + lightning + cyclone), but I love being surprised.


1/6 Frenzy
For every damage point it does, stun target and put a Flash Freeze in your hand.

(because hey, you know, Vanar lacks Arcanyst synergy and cheap spells :stuck_out_tongue: )


i wonder what a magmar matron would look like

but seriously (not seriously)

7 mana
OG: stun and dispel all enemy minions on your starting side of the board



It’d be nice if it’d do something to each side of the board. Ex:

7 mana 7/7

OG: Stun ALL minions and generals on your starting side, dispel ALL minions and generals on the enemy starting side.

It’d be a battle to keep the middle or choosing what evil to accept which is what Vanar opponents should be doing rather than keeping aoe for sticky arcanyst minions.


and if you pile everything in the middle you play into warbird

FeelsVanarMan :snowchaser:


Exactly :mysticup:


0 mana, faie sudokus.

Please, do not buff vanar any further. It’s bad enough


Ooooh NICE~!

It looks really cool with that big cape. We haven’t seen a lot of fabric (not counting loose strips and tatters) yet, this is a very welcome change!


Especially on Abyssian units. They’re basically wearing bikinis to battle!