Pixel Art Preview: Grandmaster Nosh-Rak



sweet animation

7 mana 7/5
when this minion destroys an enemy minion, summon a dervish on that space


Now THAT looks real sweet!


I guess this means the other vet looking card they previewed won’t in fact be their grandmaster


Even Vetruvian has their Grand Master revealed before Magmar ;__;

Grand Master counter :

  • Vet : Nosh-Rak
  • Abyssian : Variax
  • Lyonar : Zir
  • Songhai : Zendo

So, I guess Magmar will have to compete with Vanar to get their reveal first.

Also, this pretty much kills the theory the Mystery Unit is the Vet Grand Master.


At the end of each turn add a time-lost card to your hand

Time lost cards:

9 mana take an extra turn
3 mana +3/+3 and blast
6 mana destroy 3 minions
0 mana dispel any minion

This looks like a Vetruvian black locust.


Yeah I compleat forgot about mystery man, they should keep him a mystery as long as possible tbh. It’s a cool thing for duelyst to have such an enigma


If you know anything about Duelysts history you wouldn’t be getting your hopes up. Their racist against dinsaur people, we always go last. I remember when they were doing reveals for shimar. They went through every faction one by one, then it was finally day the day of their sixth reveal, my atticipation couldn’t be higher. It had to be a magmar as they had revealed one card for each faction so far

Then they revealed it, a second card from a faction that they already spiled card for. They continued to spoil cards for other factions in the following days. It was nearly a week before we finally saw the first Magmar card…

If this is any indication, then chances are were going tk get the Vanar gradmaster next, and then two more grendmasters from factions that already have grandmasters.


This looks really cool. If I had to guess what this card does … I don’t know, maybe something with Generals ? All Grandmasters in the game do something to Generals, that’s all I can come up with. lol

This looks really awesome though, I’m liking all the new minions as far as design goes.


“No matter how far, Grandmaster Nosh-Rak will hunt you down!”

That’s the teaser phrase, so based on that plus its floating animation its extremely likely Nosh-Rak has flying. It’s effect could have something to do with killing minions and might finally be Vet’s proper counter against range threats? I guess we’ll have to see XD


Fuck yeah, Grandmasters. I don’t even care what it does or is it viable as long as it follows the theme of having a super unorthodox effect.

The card does look good though, I love the fact how it’s skeleton is still visible. Spoooooky :skull:


It will be last one and it will be the best one.


“some people just want to watch the world burn”


Grandmaster Makantor Jesus
Magmar, 9 mana, 7/7

Transform all minions in your deck and action bar into Makantor Warbeasts. They gain +2/+2, Grow: +2/+2, Rebirth and cost 2 less.



Well, I arrived just in time for Shim’Zar, so history is not my strong point.

@kvewgir Last, but never least ! I hope so.


So far, Grandmasters seems to have a General based theme. I’d guess it might have an effect like “Whenever your General attacks, damage the enemy General equal to Nosh-Rak’s attack.”


I am still on the side of ,Gandmaster do something with generals…’’

Zendo mindbending the enemy and Zir just straight up taking your place when you die…

I say:

Flying (what a surprise)
You will get an extra turn next turn.

Like old Time Mealstorm…not exactly manipulating the general but i wanna see that…badly…


Grandmaster Nosh-Rak : make Sajj great again.


whenever an enemy minion damages your general, set its attack to 0


Looks great
We all know it will give our general the ability that cast spells at range watch watch what cp does