Pixel Art Preview: Feralu


Fer al u guys who were wanting some new pixel art Feralu is here to raise the roof


Raqyee incarnate :^)


Oh Ry, you so silly :3


turn all cards in your deck into phoenix fire, draw 10 cards :smiley:


“If this minion was in your deck at the start of the match, your opponent cannot mute you.”

Now that’s a design.


i imagine this will have some sort of aoe effect like frenzy


Either neutral or Abyss :thinking:


He has War Talon arms with Variax fists :smiley:


I’ve always wondered about the pixel art for duelyst - like what size canvas do you use, or brushes and the like. I’ve had an ungodly craving to produce some fanart, and I’ve been in love with pixelated artwork lately, so this would be helpful to know…


There is a stream from their Art team going on right now.


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