Pixel Art Preview: BLAZE Hound


Here to commemorate this sacred holiday here is Blaze Hound!


Am I being trolled?
Or is this like, blaze hounds bigger brother?


Awesome new card, I bet its a 3 mana 4/3 with opening gambit: both players draw a card.


your april fools prank is 19 days late


Let’s not jump to conclusions.


Well memed @Ryvirath, well meme’d
For those too dumb to get the joke: today is 20th of April, or 4/20 in American format.
C’mon, Ryv even capitalized BLAZE. How could you not get it

(Don’t worry mods, this is the clean version)



I’m dumb a f. Don’t tell @galaxydueler.



420 Blaze it

You are stupid man


But I’m not the one hardstuck gold 10 :^)


i cant believe i didnt get that


This used to be a 4/2. A moment of silence for that joke.

Your time on these forums was cut short by the buffhammer


i didnt know you guys like hitler so much :confused:

420 is his birthday


What a great mod we have.


Today, we’re going through CPG, looking for the FATTEST rips!


This should 100% be a meme :sunglasses:


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