Pixel Art Preview: Backline Archer


Wish it was neutral looks cool


As someone who had ranged lyonar deck I’m eagerly await for this card. 9 ranged isn’t enough on the deck :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, at least it isn’t a Midline Archer


Right? Because then it would get ruined by fog. :^)


I get the feeling from the name that it will be like the archers in some other strategy games, that can only attack units a certain distance away from them.


its super silly if you get a sun sister sterope and lux ignis onto the board at the same time. the game’s pretty much over at that point.


I don’t think semi ranges will work due to well - ranged.

The minion is gonna be full board range


Is that a Gwent reference?


Yes, you dense human being.


Why is nobody acknowledging the name weirdness? Its called “frontline archer” on twitter and “backline archer” here. Something is fishy!


I checked the reddit to see if it was named “midline archer”, bit its backline archer there as well. Maybe there is a hidden joke or mechanic in the name similar to infiltrate?


Maybe it’s,

Zeal: +2 attack is no longer ranged


I hope that’s a 5-drop!


Why? So it would compete with big boy cliffe?


lmao "big boy cliffe"
U know now that you said that, i can’t really think of 5 mana lyonar minions


There’s only cliffe or second son


Exactly right! Lyonar has exactly one viable Faction 5-drop, I’d like to see another!


pretty sure its gonna be backline archer


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