Pixel Art Preview: Backline Archer




A Lyonar with a working brain? Huh, sorry Argeon, this one ain’t for you.


because a frontline archer would just be silly


Holy shit just what I needed, a ranged for my healynar😍


Say that again to my face

or maybe the character design of this Archer is dumb AF to be started with


time for some baseless speculation of abilities!

2 mana 2/3
zeal:-2 attack

4 mana 3/3
zeal: give friendly nearby minions and generals provoke

3 mana 2/4
if this minion does not move this turn, this minion deals double damage

3 mana 1/3
opening gambit: summon a silverguard squire nearby


I love your third speculation, very nice one!


Oh! I’ve got one!

1 mana 2/2
If this minion attacks from range miss and hit your general instead


Get this.

2/3 3 mana

Zeal: deal double dmg
While away this minion can not be dispelled(the tile can be)


But is that a smile on the mask/helm?

Nah, it doesn’t matter i see it like a smile and i like it.


I really hope this card is at least playable, because that art is amazing. Hell, I’ll find a way to play it even if it is trash.


The animation is just incredible. I hope its good!


I’m glade that more factions are getting ranged minions. Right now, ranged is very rarely used keyword. Hopefully this adds some sort of Lyonar flair to the keyword instead of just being a ranged Statstick.

Maybe: 4 mana
2/4 ranged
Deals triple damage to minions next to generals.

This supports cards like Decimate, creating a catch-22 situation like the old Star’s fury / Blast thing that Vetruvian has.


Frontline Archer exists, and yes it is extremely silly-


Are you guys trying to be sneaky?

Whats with the low key name change?


Ryu ga waga teki wo KURAU!


Kind of looks like Simon from the Bloodborne DLC. Always nice to see some quality pixel art :smiley:


CPG stealin ma thunda chanjin tha name


They posted it first .


4 Mana 1/4 Ranged
Saps all mana next turn to cast Infinite Blade Works, dealing 2 damage and Stun to all enemies.