Pinned/Fixed Posts & New Player Page


Seeing the duelyst memes thread always around and my recent staples page thread, I wanted to toss the idea for the developers that it might be nice to provide a very obvious and easy to find New Players page/thread/etc., whether by pinned or fixed posts, or by a new player page with higher skilled player suggestions and tips.

Searching briefly, there is no clear direction around here as to where new players may find this type of information. I think this could be a big benefit to developing and keeping a new audience, as any assistance to increasing new player satisfaction is probably desirable.

What might further help learning of CPG’s drawing audience (actual audience, not targeted), is in learning how & why it is people came to these forums in the first place.

Based upon my earliest posts, I’m pretty certain that what led me here was due to aggravation against higher budgeted decks. For others who might’ve been drawn here with similar issues, I must say that the members here have assisted in overcoming this.

Anything more will be repetitious, I just wanted to bring this up, as I’m one who enjoys helping others and creating something like this could help to maintain the current and future playerbase. :slight_smile:


Sadly, they don’t pin/fix threads in these forums.
Quoting @Ryvirath from a PM (I hope he doesn’t mind, nothing secret here)

Yeah, I tried too, some months ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe policy will change one day …


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