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Phantasm + Metaltooth deck

Hello, i need help building this deck. I want to make phantasm great again, im thinking maybe it can synergize well with metaltooth as a replacement for tiger. Here is the deck that i came up with. Is it good enough? I would like some help or advice on how to improve this deck. Thank you.

I think stygian works better than phantasm, as well as metaltooth is a bit inconsistent

Yeah, but if you remove phantasm then you only have 6 2 drops. What would you cut for the unofficial prerequisite number of 2 drops and what would you replace it with?

Also, just the swords are awkward. You cant build mechaz0r the old fashsioned way and i get its probably just for frenzy and activating metaltooth but it just feels weird. This isnt songhai you know.

On a side note, have you tried abhorrent unbirth?

But the more i look at it the more i feel phantasm doesnt really fit… is it weird that i think shadow reflection would work better? Along with swapping the revenents for more silvers? ughh. I feel dirty suggesting that but its the only way to make use of your mechs outside of mechaz0r

i dont have enough spirit to craft stygian, thats why i go with phantasm to buff my minions. isnt stygian more of a lilithe card because of the deathwatch? im trying to revive phantasm deck to its former glory, like before the nerf

well i just want to know if phantasm can work well with metaltooth. shadow reflection could work too, but i would have to take out phantasm. well my real goal is to make phantasm competitive again.

yes i have tried abhorrent, its really fun, otk out of nowhere haha

I still think you need more silvers. Think about it. Silver + metaltooth = 9+ damage in rush minions. And if either managd to stick, that can also combo with sword, deceptibot, mechazor and nighmare. This is a silver deck. Phantasm just sweetens the deal.

If you want phantasm as the centerpiece of the deck, you should look into coporeal cadence

There is a certain streamer (i believe it was @tm87 but i might be wrong), who played aggro cass, replacing phantasm with stygian and did quite well.

Abhorrent is more of a lilithe card. More minions, more buffs

Still worth mentioning in a heavily minion(mech) centric deck

ok, here is the new deck. i still cant decide to bring cadence or abhorrent. tested one game, managed to pull off metaltooth + silver combo to win the game. i dont know if the deck can be consistent. what do you think?

Why tho? Cadence is more expensive.

It doesn’t require rush to work.

well i was thinking cadence because it can directly damage enemy general from anywhere, while abhorrent needs a clear path. if they blocked the path or a minion with provoke was in the way, i would need lure or other supports. but maybe you are right, i should be able to clear a path before casting abhorrent

If you get enough Metaltooth triggers even without Swords, I’d suggest a couple of Elkowl for funzies. I’ve found they work pretty good in lists like this, even with a single Phantasm proc. Just play them in the back for that sweet 3/3 Ranged/Blast/Flying+whatever. Frenzy to use for Silver is of course really nice too, so I’m not sure.

Abhorrent had never a path problem, but a minion/critical mass problem. If you run it with Letigress you also have no path problems because you got ranged+rush on the Aberration with it.

Does Airdrop work when summoning Abomination?


dont know how to say this more kindly but how the heck is that relevant at all


Did anyone flag kingsavage yet? I think those weird links have reached a critical mass.

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I’m inclined to consider this behavior non violating any rules of the forum, atm.

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