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Petition to Change Zendo back


Yah, that is about it. With battle pets coming back into ranked, I would like to make a petition to change zendo’s text back to “The enemy General acts like a battle pet” or something of that nature. (Please choose to change it!!!)

  • Change it!
  • Keep zendo text the same

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This is a good point.
Now that Battle Pets are back to being commonplace, a player can be reasonably expected to know what a Battle Pet is.


the reason for not changing it would be mostly that some people thought that zukong would counter it when it had the old wording only to be let down by that interaction,having confusion is never a good thing


I don’t want to change it. It was always kind of awkward for Battle Pets to be directly referenced in a completely unrelated card.


And here I thought it was a thread asking to change Zendo back to 4 attack, why u do dis?


I want Zendo back at 4 Attack. :rage:


i mean, i’m okay with it, but only if we can control generals with zukong.


I’m for the motion of 4 attack Zendo.


Is this something we really should make priority? Inb4 flooding with yes.


Not even a little bit, it’s just an interesting point to me


YES IT IS IMPORTANT!!! Whatever, the site is telling me that my body is unclear, so I am typing this additional sentence to make it pass that text that is most likely put in place to prevent spam.


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