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Petition to change Cassyva to “Trapssyva”

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Next up, rule 63 Crystal Wisp


Omg, a perfect 1/1/1/1/1 split right now

Edit: aand it’s gone


I can post some Dooly porn if anyone’s interested. I doubt a mod exists to take it down. :lyogiggle:


where does one acquire such treasures?


I like how you necroed a thread just to ask about that
Am I the only artist left here
@sinpathy the task befalls either me or you, and I dont know how to make drawings in that kind of appealing…


i can’t unsee. that image is in my mind. i can’t play trapssyva at all any more. it ain’t happening

edit: immediately after posting, i get put in a game against trapssyva. not my day


Shh nobody was meant to notice that!


Necro x2. I’m sorry buddy, you might not be able to handle what you ask for…


What, is that rhetorical?

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