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Petition to change Cassyva to “Trapssyva”

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Next up, rule 63 Crystal Wisp


Omg, a perfect 1/1/1/1/1 split right now

Edit: aand it’s gone


I can post some Dooly porn if anyone’s interested. I doubt a mod exists to take it down. :lyogiggle:


where does one acquire such treasures?


I like how you necroed a thread just to ask about that
Am I the only artist left here
@sinpathy the task befalls either me or you, and I dont know how to make drawings in that kind of appealing…


i can’t unsee. that image is in my mind. i can’t play trapssyva at all any more. it ain’t happening

edit: immediately after posting, i get put in a game against trapssyva. not my day


Shh nobody was meant to notice that!