Perusing the artstation for duelyst when i stumblem upon "Caliber - O"


Those of use whove been around long enough have seen the art of this character before, at some place or another.
But who is it? Its a “trainer”, but has there ever been training in the game?? Was this an Alpha thing??
for better context go to the link below, scroll down to the bottom and hover your mouse over the 2nd last pic. Thats the one i linked to previously. When you hover over it shows the name “Caliber-O Battle Trainer” -->
BUT WHOooo IS HEEeeeee???:thinking:


He’s in one or two of the argeon new player introductions


Wait, Aergon new player introduction?? How am I missing this?


He was the Enemy General for the Tutorial. Hasn’t been used since.


Is he still in the tutorial? I don’t remember this guy. I’m might make an account just to see this, if he is still in it.