Personal Tier Lists


Exactly what it sounds like! I’m interested in seeing other’s opinions of the meta.

For me it’s:

  1. Creep Cassy
  2. Tempo Lyonar
  3. Spellhai Reva
  4. Midrange Faie
  5. Burnmar
  6. Swarm Lilithe

I don’t really know the lower tiers, and I may have rated Reva too high.


I perceive top tier as Cassy and Vaath


T1 Cass, Vaath, Argeon, Faie
T2 Reva,Ziran,Lilthe,Starhorn

T3 Zirix

T4 Kaleos,Kara,Sajj

T1 and T2 are competitive,T3 is sometimes competitive.T4 is need works not really competitive.That’s how I see it.


Mine is something like…

T0- Midrange Vaath Variants (Burn, Face, Keeper)
T1- “Tempo” Argeon, Tempo Faie
T1.5- Midrange Cass
T2- Swarm Lillithe, Midrange Zirix, Mech-Horn, Midrange Songhai, Control Sajj, Mid/Control Zi’Ran

The meta is dominated by the scaley dino-elephant in the room. All of the T1 decks fight it by playing spells and threats at pace that punishes Entropic Gaze. T1.5 is “limbo”- Cass suffers most Vaath matchups, but fights through Argeon and Faie fairly well- but also has very mixed matchups with the t2 decks; from white knuckle struggles with Zirix, to laughable rolls over Songhai, and getting pubstomped often too easily by Healynar.

T2 signifies decks that are competitive with T1, but suffer primarily against T0. Control Sajj is the least played of the lot, but sneaks into S often with generally good showings. Mech-horn and Swarm Lillithe show up fairly often in tournaments, but tend to be working against the grain against the T1 hitlist if their cheesy plays get punished. Midrange Songhai tends to just refer to “The Songhai Deck”, regardless of general, whether the spell damage variants, Reva ranged guy spam, or Kaleos variants- they’re usually within 6-7 cards of being the same deck; Kataras, Foxes, Beholders, PF, Four Winds etc. All but the slowest Kaleos versions of this get punsihed hard by Cass, and they almost universally get crushed under Vaath’s heel.

I think Midrange Zirix decks are the most underrated atm (Dervish tends to fall into this category), the damage potential alone can make Gaze awkward. Keeper variants with good rolls tend to punish inordinantly, but facier/burn variants have difficulty keeping up with the pressure of Second and Third Wish fueled beatdown, and Divine Spark helps the decks to condense themselves and refuel for plays steadily after unloading. For anyone looking to build this sort of variant, highly recommend building and playing carefully around making it difficult to maximize the value of Plasma Storm and Warbeast.


T0- people who beat me
T1- me :sunglasses:
T2- _others

Honestly though, I think since the meta is so balanced now, a linear tier list would be hard to make up. Things like control decke are pretty good right now, but aren’t prevelant due to variax as that deck will always out value anything else. A good mech starhorn could be considered T1or 0 if piloted right, but it’s essentially an auto lose against vanar.

Agromar is very good right now, with gaze and spikes but those cards will also fuel their opponent, which makes its match up with certain aggro/tempo decks not very good. This is especially true when they’re against tempo argeon with it’s sustain tools like scintila and circle of life.


Wait, y’all actually play against swarm Lilithe? I haven’t seen one of those decks in forever, it’s only really been Variax


The best Variax lists are the ones that don’t try to slow down, it’s effectively a DFC variant that gets pushed out usually on t4 or 5. Occasionally on 2 or 3 if they don’t think they’ll be punished too hard. Tried building Control variants of Variax, but then you just get goomba stomped by Vaath and Mech-horn


Yeah, I play a bursty swarm Lilith in S-rank. No variax


Yeah aggro swarm still works, but I haven’t seen it in forever, just played it a few times


Sure. But a Variax deck isn’t a swarm deck


It actually works really good right now, it’s just over shadowed by variax in certain ways. Swarm got some very good tools in the expansion, furosa draws removal and makes your wraithlings survive pings. Crypto gets you more bodies for no extra cards, plus the furosa synergy is amazing. And surprisingly, punish works very well, because your opponent will
actively damage their own minions because they want to keep clearing your own bodies.

Honestly variax is a bit of a timmy card :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually run it with whips instead of punish, as you’re likely to kill them before the minion runs back. But let’s not get off topic!


I run both, whip doesn’t work as well for ranged value stuff plus it will limit your movement if there’s a big threat on one side of the board. But whip also has really good synergy with void steal, and can act as removal in some situations :smile:


Pardon the intrusion, but I’m not well-versed in Abyssian slang and wanted to know what you guys mean with whip?


Demonic Lasso 15 char


You mean the Finger of Greg?

I might as well take this chance to explain all the slang for units that I know of:

Whip = Daemonic Lure
Greg = Spectral Revenant
Steve = Kron’s forcefield prisioner
Rocky = Rock Pulverizer (this is an old one)
Raqyee = Flaming Stampede

Back on topic. My tier list is:

Tier -1: (decks that I feel are limiting, unfun, and do not deserve to be powerful) Magmar Burn, Variax Ramp, Mechaz0r
Tier 0: Argeon Aggro, Magmar Aggro, Cassyva
Tier 1: Spell Reva, Midranged Vaath, Swarm Lilith, Disruption Faie
Tier 1.5: ( powerful decks with glaring weaknesses) Heal Zir’an, Obelisk Vetruvian, Vespyr Vanar


Alright here are my tier lists, based on the decks I played to get into S-rank this season. Their general based, and much of my reasoning for this tier list will be based on my post regarding bloodborne spells.

Tier-0: Argeon
Hands down the best general in Duelyst based on my experience. The reason why I place him above the Abyssian and Magmar generals is due to the tools that the Lyonar faction has access to, including Holy Immolation, Trinity Oath, Slo, and some of the best 2 and 3 drops in the game (Azurite Lion, Silverguard Knight, Scintilla, etc.). They also have a powerful win condition with divine bond, synergizing with dioltas, Ironcliff, etc. Overall great removal options as well (Sunbloom and Circle of Life), best healing tools, and one of the biggest abusers of Saberspine Tiger (even during the Kineticat period). Basically, he is able to counter Magmar and Abyssian decks by both outracing and outhealing them (Scintilla, Trinity Oath), which also makes him a strong matchup against the other factions as well.

Tier 1: Magmar and Abyssian Factions
Both of these factions are high tier due to their factions’s strengths. Abyssian is the more well-rounded of the two flavor wise, however the amount of insane burst that the Magmar faction has has really brought them up the ladder. However, it is important to note that if Decimus wasn’t a thing, I would not rate Starhorn this high.
If I had to rate these generals, it would probably look something like this;

Vaath (BBS and overall well rounded in-faction options), Starhorn (cause Decimus Burst), Lillithe (Variax ramp), and Cassyva (Shadow creep+Punish+Kelaino stuff)

And then theirs everything else really. If I had to rate the other generals, it would probably be something like:

Reva, Faie, Zirix, Kaleos, Zir’an, Sajj, Kara

The first 2-3 are strong, yet lack the overall power to effectively compete with all 2.5 factions listed above them. The rest are either to inconsistent, lacking, not fully tested, or don’t really compete with their alternate general. (Also note how none of these generals (with the exception of Zir’an) have immediate/powerful heal cards like Lyonar, Abyssian, and Magmar does)


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