Perhaps a third party Plugin/Addon API?


Hey there!

as you perhaps know, there is no API in Duelyst (yet) to enable third party developers to write own customizations for the Duelyst-Game-Client that could easily be plugged into.

Some people created scripts/plugins anyway and glued them to the game client files somehow. I am one of those rough guys. It works pretty well but while developing, it feels like being the “goto-is-so-cool & php-is-a-fast-programming-language Crusader”. It just feels like you are doing harm to somebody else you don’t even know. Wow, that was philosophical somehow o.ô

A few weeks ago I released my first small plugin pack with enhancements for Duelyst and really enjoyed the work. I wanted to push this further and try to optimize the way custom scripts are injected into the game client. I came to the idea to create something central that does most of the work for you as a Plugin developer. I wanted to create some kind of tiny framework that makes writing plugins easier by defining a simple interface that can manage the most complicated steps in plugin development for you from within.

Now. I finished some work on this idea and came up with a Plugin Collaboration System that (hopefully) will do exactly this for you as developer.

You can easily use events that are tracked by this system in your own custom plugins. You just need to register a handler on that desired event(s). That’s all.

One more massive advantage is that this Plugin System prevents collisions by different Plugins that attach to the same internal game events because that Plugin System strives to be the central only place that really hooks into internal events. Every notification a custom Plugin gets about a occurring event is just a delegation that is triggered by the Plugin System.


Well. That became very technical. Did not mean to write a technical description, it just happened.

I also started a reddit which describes the features and usage advantages more common.
You can find it here:

You can read more on this topic on the Duelyst developer portal I put recently online:
Hopefully this page/linked pages do not leave any questions open.

Well, what do you think?


Hey, I tried using your plugin but i couldnt get it to work. is it still compatible with the new update?


i’m too dumb for this post.


@gabriek: yes, it works for the current version (for me). Are you using the standalone version of duelyst or the steam version? Did you correctly modify the index.html file to load the custom scripts?
When you run the game after you have installed my scripts and press CTRL+SHIFT+I -> Do you see any errors (printed in red) there in the console tab?

@largebanana: sorry, its not your fault. It got very technical. The portal should give a better clue on all this stuff