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Perfecting Scarzig Kaleos


How does one ALWAYS high roll a Scarzig out?


This is my current Scarzig deck: i.imgur.com/ZJJ8uf5.png

The idea is that Komodo Hunter will ALWAYS provide you that sweet, sweet easy to kill minion; although I haven’t had too much trouble getting Scarzig off without it.


I mean, I myself am not convinced scarzig is worth building a whole deck around even if it was consistent.


In my experience, turn 2 Scarzig almost always wins games because its a 4/8 celerity minion that could easily be worth near seven mana. Even later in the game, a 4/8 celerity that buffs the rest of the board is difficult to remove.


So I basically have the memory of a goldfish and forgot that it also buffs your entire board. I stand corrected.


Can’t blame you. It’s a pretty rarely seen card.


look up smarty in-game. He’s placed high on several tournaments and hit top 50 at least twice with scarzig kaleos


Happy cakeday boyo


Are you think about use onyx jaguar in your deck


The problem with Onyx Jaguar is that it would be too slow for this deck type to work.


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