Patch FR pour le jeux?


une traduction française du jeux ?


Translation : the guy is asking (in french with spelling mistake) for a french translation.



Oui, c’est étrange… peut-être il est de Canada :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixed :wink:  


School was 18 years ago, but pretty certain the qu’ isn’t necessary.

Also, I’m from Belgium and for Belgique it’s de, kind of surprised it’s du for Canada. But thanks for that.


@nwardezir, are you seriously giving spelling lessons about a language you don’t speak? Bravo good sir, I need to step up my game.


Don’t touch your game, it’s fine, I’m fluent in french :wink:


Ah, fair enough good sir. Keep up the good work.


Oh god you reminded me of the bac exams… did you know that Napoleon 1 introduced them? That guy can go die on an island.


je me demande à quel point la communauté française est développée sur Duelyst :o J’ai essayé de faire jouer une amie mais elle s’est vite démotivée. :confused:

(I wonder how big is the french community on Duelyst :o Tried to get a friend to play but she got tired of the game quickly :confused: )


I’d say we are 20ish with maybe a dozen really active.

You can find a few of them on dedicated French Duelyst Discord server here :


Thanks amigo ! Just invaded there. ^^


Je suis français et non Canadien pour l’information et je n’ai rien écrit qui fait penser que je suis du canada


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