Patch 1.79 Update/Hotfix – Duelyst

Patch 1.79 Update/Hotfixby Counterplay Games / January 20, 2017


With our previous Patch we forgot to mention some other updates!

  • Buffs from Artifacts applied to Spirit of Valknu are now properly dispellable
  • Psionic Strike effect (Sajj Bloodborn Spell) can now stack if cast multiple times in a single turn.
  • AWESOME Shadowspawn (Lilithe Bloodborn Spell upgraded by Grandmaster Variax) – will now apply buffs to other Wraithlings even if all spawn spaces nearby the General are blocked.
  • Text on Phoenix Fire Bloodborn Spell granted by Geomancer updated to correct text.
  • Challenges that start with an active Bloodborn Spell will now properly reset the active state of the Bloodborn Spell when using the restart turn button.
  • Added spell FX to many spells that were previously lacking them.


We expect these hotfixes be released sometime later on January 20th, 2017

  • Fixed a visual issue where the mana bubble on Mana Spring Tiles would sometimes not disappear after the tile was taken.
  • Fixed “mysterious artifact” sometimes showing up in Spirit Orbs or being drawn from Grincher If you received one of these artifacts, please contact Customer Support
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Nice fixes.
You double posted by the way.