Patch 1.79 Update/Hotfix – Duelyst

Patch 1.79 Update/Hotfixby Counterplay Games / January 20, 2017


With our previous Patch we forgot to mention some other updates!

  • Buffs from Artifacts applied to Spirit of Valknu are now properly dispellable
  • Psionic Strike effect (Sajj Bloodborn Spell) can now stack if cast multiple times in a single turn.
  • AWESOME Shadowspawn (Lilithe Bloodborn Spell upgraded by Grandmaster Variax) – will now apply buffs to other Wraithlings even if all spawn spaces nearby the General are blocked.
  • Text on Phoenix Fire Bloodborn Spell granted by Geomancer updated to correct text.
  • Challenges that start with an active Bloodborn Spell will now properly reset the active state of the Bloodborn Spell when using the restart turn button.
  • Added spell FX to many spells that were previously lacking them.


We expect these hotfixes be released sometime later on January 20th, 2017

  • Fixed a visual issue where the mana bubble on Mana Spring Tiles would sometimes not disappear after the tile was taken.
  • Fixed “mysterious artifact” sometimes showing up in Spirit Orbs or being drawn from Grincher If you received one of these artifacts, please contact Customer Support
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God thank you for fixing Valknu, it was so easy to exploit before. Almost unbeatable, broken card now become balanced and interactive. Well done cpg!


Some cards were jusr never meant to see play i guess sigh


So glad they finally nerfed Valknu, was ruining the game for me!


Is that…sarcasm?


Sarcasm? Sarcasm right?


Has to be.



I’m still having the mana tile problem on the steam version


Don’t think the update has been applied on steam yet. Not for me anyway.


Independent launcher, hmm…


Yeah the mana tile thing was weird.
Only happened to me once.


Being able to dispel frenzy and what not from valknu isnt going to make that big of a difference.
Hopefully he will still keep his atk gained from artifacts, I can completely understand dispelling keyword abilitys.
It is a “COPY” of your general. The only artifacts in the game that are able to make this deck even possible in ladder are Morin Khur, and scales.
I got to diamond with a Valknu deck and can only remember 1 or 2 instances he got dispelled,
and by that time it was already over. Its really sad when you find a super unique deck, that no one plays because it takes skill to win with it and it gets nerfed. this has happend multiple times…Everyone loves to play the decks that win the fastest, or does the most damage, and is the easiest to play. CREATIVITY Projects INTELLIGENCE , not winning with basic math skills…


I don’t consider this a nerf, I believe this is how the clones were intended to work from the beginning.


Your probably correct, but i feel, if its a true copy, it is its own self. and it shouldnt lose certain buffs from being dispelled. Keywords, i 100% agree. Thats super broken. But I think its kinda stupid for its Atk to go down from being dispelled, whether it was from a artifact or your generals Spell. The amount of effort it actually takes to create a powerful valknu, and still be in a position to win the game is insane. You have to play cards that are normally not played in magmar and/or ladder. and alot of times you cant even get him out until you have 8 mana. I have made some combos that can get him out with 6 mana, but thats using abjudicators, or praying my morin khur has 1 durability left going into the next turn after i used all my mana to equip 1 artifact. To make the deck actually win, every single thing you do has to be perfect or you will just get destroyed. so, I just feel its going to be a stupid hotfix if it affects his atk from artifacts. i havnt logged in and checked yet so…


Shouldn’t effect it too much, but I agree the card wouldn’t be broken if you couldn’t dispell them off. Perhaps he should gain effects when you use artifacts, or you should be allowed to use artifacts to give him abilities.

The real question, though, is what happens when you make a copy of yourself while you have a Grove Lion forcefield?


LOL Thats interesting! I only feel like he should gain keyword abilitys not abilitys like what you get from Arclyte Regalia’s, but i think the forcefield thing will work. its just like every other keyword though, can be dispelled. I really want to try that now though lol sry i had to edit this my wording was all backwords…


I thought about that too, if you buff your general, he continues to get the buffs. Then i would complete agree with him losing all his atk and everything if he got dispelled. it would make sense, because he has a bond with your general.


Doesn’t apply. Your general doesn’t have Forcefield, the Grove Lion gives it to you. The effect is attached to the Grove Lion, not the general.


Oh, not sure if you actually like this deck or not, but if you do, I have a bunch of SICK videos on my youtube playing a Valknu deck. I call it Valknu’s Revenge :smiley: just look me up. David Kennedy Duelyst. and i made a link on imgur incase anyone wants to try this deck out. its right here belive it or not, i got to diamond with this lol if i changed anything. it would be the loremasters and the mind steals, but honestly, i have been having soo much fun with those cards i probably wont unless im gonna try hard to get to S-rank.anyway, take it easy im out.


oh ok, gotcha. Well it was a good thought !!
Have you actually tested it? or you know For Sure?