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Pandora in the current meta


Hey guys, I’ve just got 3x Pandora from my Bronze bundle. Is there any good deck with her? Is she worth running in Mid Lyonar with DB or in Vaath?


Im a newbie, but i actually didnt see any good sync whit any deck. Looks as a powefull independence card whitout sync whit any faction. And its too expensive for a creature who literally did nothing if it takes a dispell.
Im new on the meta anyways, maybe a veteran has some idea of how to play it.


I envy you; I need a few for a Kara list I want to make.

Pandora generates a lot of value if you can keep her alive; odd numbers are inherently more valuable than even numbers as far as minion stats go (odd numbers take one more general attack to kill than that number -1) and Pandora’s wolves are 3/3. Because of this, she works best in lists that want to go very late. She’s not very good when dispelled, so she wants you to play other threats before her to clear the enemy’s removal. Generally she is a win condition for control decks that don’t have a better in-faction win condition. (Obliterate, Spincleaver, etc.)

You coooould use her in DB, but if that’s what you want to do, you’re better off playing Ironcliffe or Dioltas because they’re cheaper, or Whistling Blade because it’s common with an enormous booty.


use it as a second win condition, kron is a better choice but if you have pandora go for it, i used it as second win condition in the mech deck i played when i started in duelyst


Pandora is a Control deck win-condition. As a 3/10 she is hard to take down barring hard removal (ie Dark Transformation, Martyrdom, Onyx Bear Seal). She also gives immediate value, spawning a 3/3 with a keyword (Provoke, Ranged, Flying, Celerity, or Frenzy) at the end of turn.

example deck, courtesy of Grincherz:


I think it’s one of the prime neutral wincon at lower level, even at high level she might be good in some decks. She generates value as soon as she hits the board, so that’s always good, she is very difficult to answer for some classes due to her high health stat. And if unanswered, it’s game.

I think pandora was one of the best legendaries you could pull off the bronze bundle.


She’s great. Pandora is a fantastic late game option for any deck. When you get to the point where you both are running out of cards Pandora can straight up win you the game. Definitely throw 1-2 copies into Midrange Lynor and Vaath. But just a bit of warning, the current meta is VERY fast and aggressive which makes Pandora not a very appealing option. However, this is only in high gold and diamond so until you reach that point Pandora should be a solid card.


Pandora is an amazing card if the game is slow enough. Unfortunately, since the meta is so fast, a 7 drop that does nothing the turn it is played (there is a 1/5 chance of getting a small provoke, but this is not very significant) is too slow to be competitive. By that time, your opponent can choose to ignore her or destroy her with a cheap spell. Compare Pandora to the other big drops seeing play:

  • Spectral Revenant can remove something and deals general damage the turn it is played.
  • Obliterate deals face damage and clears the board the turn it is played
  • Klaxon is a provoke, drawing in damage the turn it is played
  • Aymara Healer also has provoke
  • dominate will removes something the turn it is played
  • Spiral Technique is a finisher that deals damage the turn it is played
  • Makantor has rush and can attack the turn it is played
  • Mandrake does not usually cost too much mana when it is played, so you can usually do something else on the same turn

(Wow, are these all of the 6+ drops seeing competitive play? This is kind of sad)

Pandora, on the other hand, does not do anything when she is played. She simply summons a wolf that also does nothing the turn it comes into play (unless you get the provoke one)

On the other hand, with Kron gone, she has returned as the queen of Gauntlet.


That’s really cool that you got Pandora. She’s not very popular in this meta because of how fast today’s decks play, but she has potential that I’m sure you’ll find!
Were it me, I might choose to use this in a Kara Deck. Using your BBS turns the wolf she plays into a 4/4. For budget lists, you can also use fenrir warmasters to spawn 4/3 Ghost Wolves when they die, which are far more impactful than 3/2s. 4/3 Hearth Sisters aren’t bad either for teleporting wolves to the opposing general, or you can teleport Pandora to the general and pull off some Polarity combos. More expensive builds can also benefit from buffed wall spells which can slow down the game and give you time to play Pandora, and minions summoned with BBS + Vespyric Call will have +2/+2. Heck, if you get enough wolves together in one place, Aspect of the Drake could be a hilarious finisher with all of those flying wolves able to pursue the general!

By no means do you have to take my thoughts to heart. These are merely suggestions which I hope make it easier to find your Pandoras a home in one of your decks.

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