Overwatch Heroes Reimagined as Duelyst Cards


So I was very, very bored one day, and decided to reimagine Overwatch heroes as Duelyst Cards. Here goes!

The idea is that Blood Surge represents a Hero’s Ultimate. Without further ado…


(No pixel spray, sorry :P)

Power up your minions with Ana, as her Nano-Boost is depicted as a Blood Surge ability that gives your friendly (albeit a random one) some nice stats. However, sometimes it might not land on the minion you want…(Booted Lucio = BOOSTIO!)

So the Blood Surge here represents his Tank Mode, which does more damage and has a farther rang as well, albeit at a slower firing speed. This is represented by the fact that he has Ranged and +2 Attack, but nothing like Celerity.

We all know the signature ult: “NERF THIS”, followed by a large flashing light, and then a massive explosion taking out all enemies caught in its blast radius. The Blood Surge effect deals damage to all enemies around it, but for balance it’s only 3 damage. Turns out, you CAN nerf this.

Unleash the Dragonblade with everyone’s favorite hero, Genji Shimada! As you can see, this effect is representative of his iconic ultimate, where he deals more damage and also moves faster. Ryujin no ken wo kurae!

The Blood Surge lets you unleash two dragons of fury, engulfing all enemies in a line in front of this minion, not unlike a Blast ability. Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!

Obviously a better Dust Wailer (since that card is pretty bad), the Blood Surge lets you rain justice from above. Activate her devastating missile barrage to lay waste to all your enemies!

The former Overwatch agent has you in his sights. Although the attack seems tiny, with buffs like Ana’s Blood Surge this can quickly become a devastating effect.

Although its Blood Surge effect is extremely powerful, this will only happen if you let her live for too long. Because of her fragility and no attack value, she is quite easily dealt with. Still, with Mercy on call, heroes never truly die!

Pass into the Iris with Zenyatta, who’s iconic Transcendence is represented by his Blood Surge: it allows all nearby units to recover to full Health, but this exposes you to Frenzy.

Time Bomb: a debuff that deals 3 damage to the minion (and all enemies around it) at the end of the enemy’s turn. (NOTE: This will keep happening until the unit dies or is dispelled.)

Pretty straightforwards, with an interesting twist on the Time Bomb. Here, the Time Bomb will keep on going until the enemy dies!

Bring down the hammer with Reindhart, whose HAMMER DOWN is translated into Duelyst with this minion’s Blood Surge. NOTE: Disable means that the enemy cannot move, attack nor counter-attack!

This one was a little trickier, since you can already see all the enemies. So, this Blood Surge is representative of her Widow’s Kiss rifle: By itself, a 2 damage submachine gun, but with Blood Surge, a devastating rifle. The fact that the ability does double the damage is obviously for buffs, but keep in mind that she is very fragile.

冻住!不许走!are often the last words heard by many enemies in Overwatch, and it will be the same in Duelyst. Here, her Blood Surge fully disables an enemy (read: Reindhart’s Disable), bringing your enemies to the butcher’s table!

A sinister laughter, muffled by a gas mask, followed by a million shards of broken metal. That’s right, Roadhog has gone Whole Hog! Here, the Blood Surge allows you to deal heavy damage as well as push them back, giving yourself some much needed space.

“Oh let’s break it down!” signifies that your friendly neighborhood DJ has dropped the beat. To represent Lucio’s powerful but short-lasting Sound Barrier, all friendly minions around this one gain +3 Health, but only for your turn.

Some people see death like a supernova, beautiful yet tragic. Death blossoms all around Reaper in Duelyst, as his ultimate is brought to the board. The effect is similar to D. Va’s, but Reaper is a lot more fragile; however, Reaper can be buffed, and therefore so can his Death Blossom…

Explosive Tire: Rush, Frenzy, 2/1.

Junkrat is here with his signature brand of mayhem, and he brings along his own jury-rigged explosive tire! This is represented by a fragile 2/1 tire that has Frenzy to act as the explosive part of the tire.

Turret: 2/3, cannot attack. Deal it’s attack damage to a random enemy at the end of each turn.

The Swedish dwarf, sorry, engineer, brings his own masterpiece to the battle: a fully autonomous turret! Meanwhile, he can also unleash his Molten Core, which gives him a buff, but more importantly buffs his turret. Keep in mind that this effect only lasts for your turn, and he reverts his normal stats when your turn ends.

This one was rather tough, but to show her Graviton Surge, I had a mini Daemonic Lure built into her Blood Surge. As you can see, the minion is costly but also huge, since its effect is just as powerful: displacement in a positioning game can massively disrupt the enemy.

Winston’s feeling angry, as his Blood Surge shows. He unleashes his primal rage, becoming much tankier and also knocking back all enemies hit.

An immensely powerful minion, albeit with very poor stats. Keep in mind the random enemy minion killed CAN be the enemy minion whose health is reduced to 0 by the High Noon, meaning the latter part CAN be wasted.

Symmetra teleports her allies in with her Teleporter, which for the sake of convenience has been built into her backpack. Help move your minions back onto the field!

EMP Activated! Dispel all your enemies with Sombra, the latest addition to Overwatch!

Thoughts? Feedback? Post them all below!



I loved the idea, you mixed both of my favorite games!

Aside from the effects, I couldn’t help but notice the stats: why does zarya have 9 health? And why does pharrah has more health than the other tanks?


I love your creativity but really most overwatch should have another ability.

Ana: heal friendlies for 2 hp at the end of your turn.

Bastion: I don’t know what to put for him.

D.va: give her flying

Genji: celerity or rush

Hanzo: pretty good

Pharah: why is she so Stat heavy I wonder who you play gee. But I would also give her flying.or a OG push back enemies near pharah.

Soldier 76: seems strong no ideas

Mercy: what is with you and short changing supports zero attack really??? 1/3 should be the base Stateline. Make her a 1/2 and have a ability while near mercy units gain +2/2

Zenyatta: deal double damage to a random enemy near zenyatta

Tracer: definitely needs celerity really a time bomb that last forever at the end of your turn seems fair.

Reinhart: you gave pharah more attack and hp then rein… I would make him a 4/9 would think he would have zeal but since this is not faction specific give him provoke and an ability that absorbs damage on friendlies near him. His blood surge should stun the enemies in a 2x2 area

Widow maker: should read deals double damage but no complaints on this one.

Mei: should be a 2/4 at the least would be cool if she had a rebirth skill lol. Blood surge should stun in a 3x3 area

Roadhog: probably. Have him heal for 2 hp at the end of the turn. Or you have him like that ranged unit that pulls minions in front of him he attacks.

Lucio: minions can move one extra space

Reaper: deathwatch for sure but I guess I’d give him the ability to go through enemy units.

Junkrat: I’d make him range but nice blood surge ability

Torboun: very nice just his blood surge should only last till the end of the enemies turn.

Zaryra: make her a 5/8 give her forcefield and a OG give a friendly unit forcefield till the end of your enemies turn.

Winston: he should be able to move one extra space and his blood surge should give him frenzy

Mccree: seems very strong maybe make him 2/4 or have it so he kills th e person in front of him and a random enemy nearby.

Sombra: very nice no complaints

Symmetra: should be 3/4.
Should have a opening gambit summon 6 2/1 turrets on random spots. Turrets deal damage at the beginning of your turn to nearby enemies. Should have a ability that lets her summon all killed turrets in a random spot. Her blood surge should also increase all allies hp by 3 till the end of your enemies turn. Seems fair to me


  • the floating blue hologram above her hand
  • the ability to summon many small turrets
  • the mechanical left arm and organic right one
  • the ear thingys
  • the robe/dress
  • the fact that it is low tier
  • a weakness to things out of reach/ high mobility targets

Symmetra just got a buff/rework that made her pretty good. Maybe Vetruvian will get one as well? (fingers crossed)

On a more serious note, out of your designs, I liked Mercy and Soldier the most. Mercy seems like a more viable way to implement the Zureal effect. In the lategame, when Bloodsurge can be activated every turn, she can be absolutely devastating. I’m not sure how balanced she is, though. Soldier just seems nice, simple, and practical, just like he is in Overwatch!

Other than that, why on earth does Reinhart not have Provoke, Pharah not have flying, and Ana not have Ranged :stuck_out_tongue:


Ana needs ranged
In duelyst +3 health this turn is useless unless you’re playing ziran and have heals available. Having it until your next turn is far more useful since they survive long enough to body block.
I kinda wish symmmetras ult make minions you summon this turn have airdrop or maybe try for the new shield generator, a weak structure that gives friendlies +1 health similar to windstorm obelysk.
Winston should probably gain frenzy with his surge.
Zarya would be more accurate and more powerful if her ability read "select an enemy minion, that minion and all enemy minions nearby cannot move next turn."
It might be more what your going for if you make torbjorns turret a battle pet with ranged and can’t move.
Instead of disable, you could just use the existing stun and can’t counterattack effects like from tremor and dampening wave.
Also, since it only lasts one turn, mei should be "disable all enemy minions nearby"
Widowmaker could be simplified to “deal double damage this turn”


Zarya should pick a space and move all nearby enemies one space toward that point


Mercy is broken AF. You know minions can activate bloodsurge the turn they’re played right? It doesn’t matter if she is fragile.

Nether summoning costs 5 mana and only resurrects two units. This card is a 3 cost zurael…


Great designs! Really fit the characteristic of those heroes!
Especially the stat lines, you got that exactly right :smiley:


Of course I knew that. I’d probably revamp her to 8 mana, but then again it’s not like any of the “resurrect” cards are any good in this game…

@gamemaster duly noted.


Nice works ! Just change 2 new heroes card pic with the pixel tags.
Here is ANA pixel art:

here is sombra pixel art:


Sleet dashers ability seems to fit genji


I wanna play too! But I don’t think it’s worth creating a new thread, so I’ll create my set of carda here.

Disclaimer: not on my pc, so no card images

Unlike our OP here, I want to create cards based on the characters most prominent traits. Without further ado, the cards:

3 mana
Blood surge: this cars gains +2 attack and celerity this turn.

3 mana
Opening gambit: stun an enemy minion

5 mana
Flying. Ranged.

4 mana
Bloodsurge: deal 2 damage to all enemies

4 mana
Blood surge: Teleport this minion to any space.
(Or deathwatch: heal this minion to full health, don’t know :confused: )

2 mana

3 mana
Airdrop. Dying wish: dispel all nearby spaces

5 mana
Can’t move. Ranged.

3 mana
Select an enemy minion. That minion can’t move next turn.

2 mana
Opening gambit: Stun an enemy.

3 mana
Ranged. Blood surge: this minion gains blast this turn.

4 mana
Opening gambit: summon a Torb Turret on a space nearby.

Obs: you select the tile to summon it.
Torb Turret: battle pet, 1/3, can’t move, ranged

2 mana
Ranged. Blood surge: double this cards attack for this turn

6 mana

5 mana
Opening gambit: pull an enemy minion to the space in front of this minion

4 mana
Opening gambit: Select a friendly minion. That minion doesn’t take damage until your next turn

6 mana
Dying Wish: summon a Zero Suit D.va at this space

Zero Suit D.va: 2/2

4 mana
Blood surge: Teleport this minion up to 2 spaces.

3 mana
Your minions can move 1 additional space

2 mana
Opening gambit: minions in your action bar gain air drop

2 mana
Blood surge: heal a friendly minion to full health. Teleport this minion to a space nearby that minion

3 mana
Opening gambit: Select an enemy minion. That minion takes double damage this turn.

3 mana
Ranged. Blood surge: Heal 3 health to a friendly minion.



Not great from a balance perspective, but interesting nonetheless :slight_smile:


What balance we make them their own faction you can only have one hero each in your deck. Add some ways to revive a dead hero, add expendable minions BAM full on balanced. Now what type of artifacts should it have… Maybe doom fist.


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