Overloaded mana spaces


With the new patch, many factions have been getting some pretty nifty cards. However, while I was trying to deck build, I noticed a trend among some factions; there are one or two mana spot with just too much good stuff in them. Here is my list of the new, overloaded Mana spots.

Lyonar: The fact that Lyonar has too many good 4 drops has become kind of a running joke by now. With things like Holy Immolation, Arclyte Regalia, Sunriser, Suntide Maiden, and the new Ironcliff heart, this faction has a surplus of good 4 drops. The 3 drop slot has also seen a bit of strain with the addition of Sunforged Lancer and Radient Dragoon challenging the already great Silverguard Knight and Arclyte Sentinel.

Songhai: 3 drops, 3 drops, 3 drops! I’ll list all the good 3 cost Songhai minions and you tell me when you’ve heard enough: Gore Horn, an old favourite. Lantern Fox, the best 3 cost draw minion. Celestial Phantom, an almost strictly better Soboro. Jade Monk, an excellent minion that is already overshadowed. Battle Panddo, a reusable Ghost Lightning. Ki Beholder, a small sand trap on the legs of a Fire Spitter for 1 less mana. That is not to mention the plethora of powerful removal Songhai has access to at 3 mana.

Vetruvian: As far as I can tell, Vetruvian only has one or two standout cards per mana slot. With the exception of the 5 cost spot, of course. Vetruvian has access to some of the best 5 drops in the game. The 2 minions, Starfire Scarab and Nimbus are both demand an answer the turn they are dropped, Nimbus especially lest she spawns a swarm of Taygete Obelysks. Star’s Fury is a powerful board clear and Spinecleaver is an extremely entertaining card.

Abyssian: I actually do not have any problem with the Abyssian curve. Abyssian needed more early game minions and Shim’Zar delivered! Good on them :smiley: If I had to nit pick, I would say the 4 drop slot is a bit cluttered, with Bloodmoon Priestess, Ghost Azalea, Abyssal Juggernaut, Shadow Sister, and maybe Shadow Nova.

Magmar: Too many 4 drops and too few 3 drops. Magmar pretty much wants to play every single card in its 4 drop spot since each is unique and serve a useful purpose. The 3 drop slot got Moloki Huntress and Thumping Wave. I feel that the former does not have enough support. Thumping Wave, however, seems like a very versatile card that can be used both as Removal and Burst.

Vanar: Joy! Vanar finally gets some powerful in faction 5 drops! Vanar does not have a crowded spot per say, but it does have an overwhelming amount of cheap removal. Chromatic Cold, Hailstone Prison, Altered Beast, and Hearthsister all can serve as removal or pseudo removal for just 2 mana. Aspect of the Fox, and Cryogenesis also fall under the cheap removal category.


You don’t have to use all the cards. The point is that you should choose which ones you want; for example, CP stated that they designed Battle Paddo as an alternative to Lanturn Fox. It opens up greater deckbuilding variety.