OTK Combo-Sajj - Relics of Time


Hey there! First let me quickly introduce myself: I’m Ferenzy, I’ve been playing for exactly a year now. i’m not much of a competitive player but I like deck building for fun, especially around unusual strategies.
With that said, here’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks:

It’s not your usual artifact deck with a lot of spells and out of hand burst, this one aims to control the field until you can pull off the combo.
Why a minion-heavy artifact deck? IMO, Sajj is a control general. Her BBS enables her to kill big minions without spending too much resources. The proper strategy with Sajj (again, IMO) would be to clear the board with your General and protect yourself with minions (Provokes work wonders). That’s based on my experience.

Card choices:

  • Grincher: He is so adorable! I don’t see a reason why not to inc… I-I mean… Since this card came out I wanted to build a deck around it. Not only you get an extra card, but it is also guaranteed to be an artifact that costs 2 less, which makes them easier to combo. A lot of artifacts have very interesting synergies with Vetruvian like Arclyte Regalia + Hexblade, Spectral Blade + Wildfire Ankh, Stars’ Fury + Soul Grimwar and every other combo you can think of.

  • Artifact Hunter: This place was held by L’Kian but then I realized that I didn’t need to draw that many cards as my hand remains at 4+ cards almost all the time, besides, it is also an excellent alternative to Grincher if you don’t want to rely on RNG.

  • Second Wish and Provokes: They work wonders together. You can redirect the damage that you would receive and force some removal to safely summon Aymara later on.

Never replace the following cards: The Artifacts, Grincher, Artifact hunter, Time Maelstrom and Aurora’s Tears. If you have no turn 1 play and nothing else to replace, you can replace Artifact hunter or Grincher.

  • Vs Lyonar: Fish for Hexblade or Sand Sister Saon as she enables you to 1 shot Windblade Adept, Silverguard Knight and Suntide Maiden with your BBS. Anything else that’s not listed above can be replaced.

  • Vs Abyssian : You will want to keep Aymara Healer, Stars’ Fury, Siphon Energy and Hexblade ready for Vorpal Reaver, Black Solus and the dispel for Bloodmoon Priestess, Shadow dancer, Dioltas and a potential Sarlac. Saon won’t be of that much help in this match-up.

  • Vs Vanar: Stars’ Fury, Wildfire Ankh and Saon. If it’s Kara you will also want to fish for a Hexblade to deal with buffed Primus Shieldmasters and Dancing Blades.

  • Vs Magmar: Saon, Hexblade and Siphon Energy are all what you need in this match-up. If you draw an Ankh stick with it as Magmar has a hard time dealing with artifacts. If you’re having a hard time, you may consider adding a couple of Mirage Masters to copy Taygete and Makantor.

  • Vs Songhai: Keep your Siphon, Saon and Stars’ Fury early on and scout for your opponent’s archetype. If it’s SpellHai (if you see a Chakri Avatar ) Siphons are money, replace Wildfire Ankh as Songhai can break it very easily. You want to fish for your Provokes and potentially Second wish to redirect all the damage that you would receive to your minions. Keep close to the general otherwise the situation could get out of hand very easily. If it’s a minion-heavy deck (most likely with Kaleos) always keep a Hexblade ready for Hamon Bladeseeker. If you’re having a hard time, you might want to add Zen’Rui to steal Lantern Fox. Do not summon Aymara at turn 6 unless your opponent has used at least 1 Onyx Bear seal.

How to pilot

This applies when facing all factions: Do not rush things, focus on clearing the board before dealing damage to the opposing general. Do not show your artifacts unless you are forced to. If you draw a good Artifact with Grincher do not show it right of the bat, wait until the right moment to surprise your opponent. Slowly wear down your opponent to ~14hp and once you have your combo ready in hand: BUM! Win the game!

The minimum damage you can do with your general is 10hp with Hexblade + Time Maelstrom for 7 mana. Add 1 Aurora’s tears and you have 14 damage for 8 mana. Of course this can vary depending on your luck with Grincher. If you play it early and get a Snowpiercer you suddenly have 14 damage for 5 mana, if it’s an Adamantite Claws you have 16 for 6 mana. And if you get a Spectral Blade you can add 4 damage for free to your combo!

It’s a difficult deck to use so don’t get mad if you get your butt kicked in the first games.
Until now, the results have been great so far. I can consistently pull off the combo in pretty much every game (currently on a 8 win streak) unless I have godly draws and I win without it. But there’s surely room for improvement.
Suggestions are always welcome :slight_smile:

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Sabotage Vetruvian: Sajj and Zirix
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Wow this deck seems like it take quite a bit of skill to play, nicely done


Thanks! :grinning:
You’re right. Sajj is a difficult general to use and build around. The main difficulty of this deck is that you must know which cards to use and which ones to preserve to not throw away your win condition. I had trouble figuring this out when I first started building it :sweat_smile:


Super interesting list! I’ll definitely be giving it a try myself. Love the Rock Pulverizers in the deck :smiley:


I’m glad you liked it! It means a lot coming up from you :grinning:


A little expensiv…woud love to try it.

What woud you cut for the Time-Mealstrom and Aymaras?

I have a pretty similar deck running the Staff and just 1 Hexblade (again…not to much spirit saved for that) and i cut the Stars Fury…

But i dont have huge succes because the heal/stopping power of Aymara isnt there and i loose earlygame most of the time because i cant stall enough.


It’s difficult because the deck can’t function properly without Time Maelstrom. It would have to be reworked to work as an early-game Aggro deck instead of a late-game one.

I recommend to fill the gaps with 3 Saon 2-3 Staff of Y’Kir some Tigers, probably First Wish as well, Primus Fist and some Boneswarms for early-game control. You would play it as an Aggro deck at the beginning and then stack multiple artifacts at once and fallow it with an Aurora’s Tears for huge chunks of damage.
You should experiment with different card combinations until you find what suits you best :slight_smile:


Okay…i keep it in mind.

I am magmar main so i find it difficult to know when to trade and when you smack your face into something.

I hope Vetruvian rises again because i just noticed this month how fun it be (Portalguadian is just so good in the right deck)

I hope you can provide some more whacky decklist ;D


I will surely do! I have some fun concepts in mind e.g flying Portal Guardians :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are the Man ;D (Flying+Trenzy=absolute Madness)

Oh and you seem to be more competetiv then me…woud you be so kindly and review the decklist i posted C:? I maybe hit diamond and am in Duelyst since last december but i never mde a real competetiv deck (My rank coud be explained due to luck or just the ,surprise’’ Factor of stupid ideas)


Big fan of this. Sajj is very misunderstood and does not get the credit she deserves!

Lilithe Control - Offensive Healing [Work in Progress]

Finally, Ive managed to get a 3rd Hexblade and a 3rd Maelstrom. Now just missing the ArtiHunters, replace suggestion?


2x Staff of Y’Kir or 2x Primus fist or a 3rd ankh and a 3rd Saon/Dominate should be good replacements.


<3 Thanks for the quick answer


You’re welcome! :grin:


Have you tried this build with the new Shim’Zar addtions yet?

I always wanted to give Artifact Sajj a try, but I’m afraid to waste my spirit on the 3x Time Maelstrom. :wink:


I’m pretty sure Artifact Sajj is super useless in Shim’zar. The new artefact does nothing to support the archetype, and Falcius, while probably the best 3-drop in the game, needs no artefacts to be useful. Control Sajj is currently the best way to play this General and Art Combos are still unreliable as hell. Plus, Blazing Scron just made Artefact decks even more volatile lately.
So unless you really want to screw around with it, I would suggest saving dust for other things.


I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan on building an updated list with Spinecleaver. Falcius is just what this archetype needed, but with Skorn being so popular… Meh, I wouldn’t expect anything too crazy.


I actually havent seen Skorn in a while now that I think about it, plus, it makes great spinecleaver food.
All in all, I think ArtiVet could totally work although it would most likely have to be more of a board control type instead of a wombo combo 20 dmg in one turn kinda thing.


Hello just wanted to ask about this deck.

Do you think this work could work? There are multiple win conditions and does not just rely on the artifact combos. Thanks.