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OTK Birbs: Deck Tech and Showcase (w/Jason)


Figured I’d leave this here before EurasianJay comes and steals my decks again :frowning:

Oh yeah, hi everyone, I’m AlphaCentury. Been a long time since I reared my head here but I’ve been playing for quite a long time and am a grandmaster and stuff. I’m cool I swear.

Anyway I know the people in these parts love it when we take cool, board based decks such as flying vetruvian and make them into competitive OTK combo decks. So enjoy!

Decks working exactly how they're supposed to

Hehe. They finally broke Mirrorrim.

Can you summon more than 10 minions in a turn nowadays? Found the answer in the original post.

Also, I guess Aggro Zirix is still a better choice, am I correct?


damn, I shouldn’t have dusted azure summoning




Cool list, thanks!


Damn I wasn’t fast enough!

Fk Birbs tho, Birbs are never innocent.


This deck is so fun, thanks for sharing it.


I’m not even surprised that Vet OTK gets more praise than Hai one. I mean, it’s the same idea as the RockHai, guys!


khanum cuk being affected by sky and azure went over my head.

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