Oscurity Deck Revisited - Aggro Obscurity


For those who didn’t see my original Obscurity deck idea:

Original Obscurity Deck

The concept was to utilize Celerity with Obscuring Blows (OB), creating immense burst damage. The issues people had in trying it was that it was too slow and hard to keep. The later suggestion I made was in utilizing Elkowl, as Elkowl is a 3 mana minion that can also gain celerity. After finally getting OB, I tested these ideas myself.

In agreement, I aimed to make the deck faster. Dagger and Beastmaster, gone. Spelljammer, too slow. Tried Alcuin, too slow and doesn’t fit right. Aethermaster was too slow, gone. Killing Edge is almost too slow! So it got faster…and faster…and faster…By the end, this was an aggro deck and my first ever one. Because it’s my first one, I don’t know how aggro players would say this compares to others, but for my 1st time experience, holy hankies Batman, this is blazing.

Here is the current deck I have right now:

This deck is hard to pilot properly. I’m not good enough to properly pilot it myself, yet. This is a hard deck to pilot and it will require time for anyone to learn.

I don’t know of a picture more perfect to represent everything about this deck than the position I present below (see Aggro Obs. in Practice).
-Importance of positioning
-Level of difficulty in decision making
-Amount of punishment for failed decision making
-Burst and damage potential

[details=Aggro Obscurity Deck in Practice]

(Two tidbits about this: I should’ve placed Elkowl in front of Lilithe and I replaced Pheonix Fire into an Inner Focus)


Quick Bits and Suggestions on how to play the deck

-It’s a load of fun
-Play as Reva. I haven’t made this switch yet, but (1) people expect backstab from kaleos, (2) this deck can use literally 0 backstab minions to be useful and would help in leaving the opponent unsuspecting, (3) Kaleos’ backstab is usually not necessary for how this deck carries out and its speed.
-If playing as Reva, Juxtapositions may be unnecessary, leading to 3 more slots to be able to fill! Haven’t tested this theory out yet.
-Initial game replaces:
Top replaces - Sojourner, Abjudicator,
Next tier replaces - Killing Edge, Primus Fist, Pheonix Fire (1 is fine, always replace a 2nd)
-Always place Elkowls as close to the generals back as possible, you never know what you’ll get. (If P2T1 though, you can Elkowl in anyway you see fit, as Flying is still possible)
-Always spend your time on both players’ turns counting possible damage, with the amount of varying options available to the player, trying to maximize can be pretty calculating intensive[/details]

[details=Deck Upgrades]I don’t have all the cards available to me. If I could make changes:
Tusk Boars
Lantern Fox (PF card draw)
Xho (maybe)
Manaforgers in place of Abjudicators (preference)
Juxtapositions (maybe)

Why Elkowl is so great for us

Any keyword Elkowl will get will usually be of relevance for us. Provoke Elkowl behind general leaves backstab dmg relevant, Celerity for 2x hits, Flying is a free MDS, Rush (:heart:). The worst two for us are blast and ranged, leaving us with more keywords in favor for what we seek to do than not.

For anyone who ends up trying it, I hope you have a blast with this deck. I admit it’s no longer too OB+Celerity present, but it’s still there and the damage burst potential from it is very much still existent. I hope you have fun and let me know how it goes! :smiley:

Edit: Considering Manaforgers as an addition/alternative to Juxtapositions, Abjudicators and/or Kataras.

Elkowl deck? 15chars
Ancient Bonds Reveal Day 3 Songhai: Bangle Of Blinding Strike

Nice revisions. This might actually be viable, if it weren’t for the chance of shitty Elkowl abilities.


This looks super refined and super fun, and… I actually have these cards?? A Songhai deck that I can afford?? Is this the deck that actually gets me to play the faction?

My concerns are few, and I’m not sure they can be answered.

Kaleos’ BBS is necessary for deck concept, but how easy is it to get minions to stick? Because without that, his BBS is useless (although I suppose a lot of damage is out of hand).

This deck seems to rely on dumping your hand, but how often can it do that? What I mean is, how easy is it to refill your hand after you dump a big combo? Would something like Blaze Hound be a good pick for this deck, or do we rely on multiple draws from Sojo?

I’m worried that Elkowl has too low of a stat line as well, even though it will always give a useful ability. Not sure what could replace it though.

Looking forward to trying this out (hit me up and let’s play some, I’ve done like two Songhai matches ever so you gotta show me how it’s done)


Minions don’t generally stick. I find Kaleos and Kataras to be more detrimental than beneficial more often than not due to how players adapt because of seeing them. Playing Reva and this deck leaves almost 0 suspicion of it being and OB deck.

It’s not easy or intended to refill. If you dump your big combo, you should be finishing them off or the turn after. The 4 mana minions I had originally were usually too slow for what I wanted. If you were looking to trade a little more duration for card draw, I think Spelljammers would be the best consideration, as it allows the IF and hand damage opportunity.

Elkowl has the highest potential of damage from our deck. The stat line actually synergizes due to MDS and IF


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