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Orias The Heretic Boss Battle Feedback Thread!

Orias has cast a spell are you able to break it?
Let us know how you felt about the boss! :smiley:


why am i posting this reply 1 hour before the boss is even out


A desire to be recognized/acknowledged.


notice me senpai

boss plz come out nao

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Shouldn’t you be packing for your trip? @galaxydueler

Lol I’m done already

Just my 3DS, My switch, some games, and my clothes

Easiest so far? Defeated on first attempt with egg minions.

This thing was scary, it’s a good job I had grove lion in my deck or I would have been destroyed, it got to 20 attack, how is that even fair!

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the boss was a good follow up from cade the desolator, very fun to play against, was not expecting the provoke minions which was a nice touch, managed to beat him first try with my cassyva creep deck. I felt like it wouldve been overkill if they put divine bonds in its deck (which i did not see thankfully).

Note to players: Eclipse or taygete minions are absolutely perfect end game finishers! especially when orias can deal 20 damage!

for anyone that would like to check out my replay or needs any help with beating the boss themselves here is the link to the video of me beating him pretty easily. I hope it helps anyone that is struggling currently with finding a strategy.


Well, it seems bugged.
Usually with these types of effects when the General gets dispelled the stacks vanish, while the General keeps the overall rule (Vaath).
But the stacks didn’t vanish versus a Sunstone Templar.

Also, Taygete summoned next to the Rush pillar, nice :smiley:

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Yeah, I tried to use Ephemeral to reduce his Attack… Luckily he seems to prioritize minions over my Face.

Nice Taygete lethal right here :smiley:

I put together a shadow dancer deck and played keepaway with my swarm, pinging him until I finished it off with a one-of DFC.

Interesting Rush structure in the centre. I wonder if they’re teasing that like the Cyclone Generator and Thunderclap. I destroyed the structure early, but Orias can play Rush Serpenti so you better just concede.

Edit - if you get the right draw, you can set it up so that bloodmoon produces an endless stream of rush wraithlings.

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Tried twice Divine Bond Golems, then switched to an Abyssian Zoo+Soulshatter pact combo deck which won first try.

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Did it first try with usual Undying Abyssian and I must say, after a couple of Lurking Fear, sending Rush Klaxons, Unseven, Reapers and Vorpal Reaver really made my day. Pure joy, maelstorm of fast and pure violence, total eradication :smiling_imp:

fairly easy, but very interesting. brings back old vindicator in bastion form.
beat it with creep cassyva first try, with a shadow nova lethal. in its haste to run away it walked onto a creep tile. it moved off the next turn, but it was already at 1 hp by then.

Excellent and innovative ideas, as usual for boss battles. Unfortunately I found this one to be even more exploitable than others:

[details=The Instakill Setup]


Needless to say, it wasn’t much of a challenge (the above photo being taken at turn 2).

Just out of curiosity, are these battles more aimed towards a newer audience, in order to facilitate grinding by providing another relatively easy way of getting orbs every few days? While this is perfectly understandable and more than reasonable, I for one would like to see far more challenging and unforgiving bosses who require specific play styles or techs to beat. My favorite so far has been Boreal Juggernaut, but even he only took me ~5 tries with a generic aggro list.

At any rate, if anyone wants to abuse the crap out of that bastion, now you know :smile:

Got pretty close with an almost entirely spell deck. Orias pulled a clutch trinity oath before I could finish him off though :pensive:

On another note, anyone try a general immune provoke deck? Seems like Gaujj would be fun in this matchup.

@Ryvirath I like how he uses Serpenti.


The Structure that gives things next to it rush would be a pretty cool card. It reminds me of the Old Vindicator, but if you give it to a faction that has no ramp and make the effect universal, I can see something like this be balanced.

As for the boss itself, I really like how there’s two general strategies to go about beating it either
a) Killing the totem so the boss couldn’t exploit it
b) Exploiting the totem more than the boss

Of course, option b is usually the more fun option, especially because of the Serpenti Fights

So vetruvian? (Or lyonar)