Orbs or crafting spirit?


Hi, is there a consensus on whether I as a new player should be spending my spirit on orbs or whether I should be saving out up for crafting? I’ve bought a couple of orb bundles and that’s fine but now I’m left unsure as to how best to spend spirit.

By the same token, is there any guidance as to whether to buy expansion or base game orbs?



There are two currencies in Duelyst. Gold, can be used for buying Orbs or for the gauntlet and Spirit, usable for crafting only. You cannot craft with gold. I recommend spending Gold on core Orbs and the gauntlet.


Ah, I’d misunderstood. So spirit is only ever gained from disenchanting, and only ever spent on crafting?


Yeah, almost correct. You can get it from disenchanting, gauntlet rewards and monthly crates. You can spend it on cards and cosmetic Items.