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Orbs and cards question


Not sure if this question is worth putting in the technical support but how exactly do the orb opening and collection notification work?

Will we see the exact number of cards we opened being shown or a different one because at least twice I’ve opened orbs but had less cards in the collection than the total number of cards the orbs should have given me, first time it was 20 orbs and the collection showed 83 new cards and now 2 orbs and 9 cards.

Sorry if this is a really dumb question. :cry:


Maybe you got same card multiple times and collection only display new type of card.
Meaning, if you get 2x Rook, it will be displayed as (1).
But, iirc, if you get Rook and prismatic Rook, will be displayed as (2).


The more I think about it the more what you said makes sense the thing that confused me was that even when I already own a card it showed the new card icon if I got extra copies but multiples of the same card during the same opening streak make sense to be shown as just 1. :smiley:

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