Optimal Turn 2 Plays?


Everyone knows that early game plays are some of the most important plays out there and since the Ancient Bonds Expansion’s been out for a few days, I thought that we should have a talk about what each factions optimal second turn play is. (keep in mind that for this thread we will consider the second turn as player 2 for best mana access). Both board state and hand state welcome. @'s will be placed after decklist name with whoever comes up with best choice.


Eggmar: @kelvindagr8 & @galaxydueler


Triple flash jugger into prophet + amplification



Godhammer + moloki huntress with a flashed colossus (colossus being played either T1 or T2)









Control Faie:


Stunned enemy general (T1), minion you played T1 and your gen each take an orb and you play a Jax True Sight.

Turns/Plays will be added as they are discovered and/or optimized.

Please keep in mind that these are only SOME of the many deck comps you could create. If you have any new ideas then feel free to post them down below!

No Juggernaut complaints?

Triple flash juggernaut?


That leaves it vulnerable to either draining wave or the 4-mana vanar spell (I’m brain farting right now). 6 health with 4 eggs is a good place to be.

EDIT: that’s only really applicable if you don’t get 1 (or heavens forbid TWO) juggernaut eggs. If you get 4 jugg eggs then your opponent should just concede


Triple flash juggernaut + healing mystic then xD


:astonished:…Holy crap that’s possible (unlikely, but possible). and that’s not even counting whatever yo did T1


Triple flash would make 6 eggs. Who cares if it gets draining waved?


but then you wouldn’t get that sweet 10/11

plus, the eggs you get could be less awesome than ususal


There was this one play i saw in the dpl
Celebrant, double metalurgist, dreamshaper

But if youd asked this before the nerfs i would have said songhais turn 2 lethal with katara mds 3x inner focus killing edge would be the most optimal turn 2 play of all time


Back in october…
Katara->mana vortex->mds->if->ke
9 damage on the general, a 6/6 on the board and still ౩ cards in band. The God level 4 mana combo


Triple flash jugger into prophet would be better than healing mystic since it would be way harder to clear without an aoe.

  • Triple flash into jugg + prophet of white palm
  • Triple flash into jugg + healing mystic

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Made poll since both options are extremely strong

I guess Prophet of the Rage Quit wins. Poll will be closed until others wish for redebate


I call this combo Prophet of the Rage Quit




Amplification is better for the combo i think


Is amplification 2 or 1 mana?


It’s 1

it gives 3 attack and 4 health I believe


2/4, right?

Fjirjndlskdkdk (15c)


Oh yeah I think so

but yeah that’s better than greater fortitude


Double amplification onto a triple flashed juggernaut…as long as you’re opponent doesn’t have dispel, they should auto-concede… :astonished:

EDIT:just don’t play T1 and you’ll have enough cards for that combo


Prophet and 1 amplification is better because you can’t kill the eggs