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Opinions on this Cass Xor Deck

After losing a lot of games with other builds this deck seems to be working for now; but I’d like to hear the opinion of someone more experienced.

Decks built around Songhai spells and Vetruvian artifacts still wipe the floor with me, but I don’t find them very often at my rank (not very high either).

Can’t afford a 3rd Sarlac or 2nd Mogwai, so I’m filling with Aethermaster and Planar Scout.

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I can see how you replace Sarlac with Planar Scout because it is a cheap minion you can kill with your BBS for another proc.

But I think you need some more value orientated stuff in the deck. Bloodbound Mentors could be a good fit.

It seems if a deck is going full aggro against you you will lose very quickly because you have nothing to hold them off. Maehv has at least 4/4s. What do you do?


Asking for my opinion was your last mistake…



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Following a bit of your advice I edited the deck to this (had to disenchant a few Legendaries that I haven’t used in a while):

I’m able to summon Xor considerably faster most of the time, only being able to summon late if I don’t get any Darkfire Sacrifices, and most games end by mass killing my army and having the Shadowdancer on the board.

The Repulsors are my attempt to delay aggro decks, but have been very ineffective so far, only being critical to my victory once; I’m out of ideas on that one (Dioltas maybe?). The only thing that keeps me alive when dealing with them are my heals with Aphotic Drain and the Shadowdancer.

And I haven’t being able to deal with the Lyonar Trial and Destiny whatsoever.


You should definitely get rid of Mogwai and IronClad. With Mentors and Scries you have enough draw in the deck.

Dioltas could be a nice replacement, but all in all, I don’t think your DW discount is useful enough. In your place I would think whether mana discount is worth using inferior Carrion collectors in place of something more useful.

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Usually by the 3rd or 4rd turn I’m running on 2 cards alone (Xor+1), since I can’t afford the Scries yet and most other minions are free by then. But I don’t know what other card I could use instead of the Carrions and keep my BBS on one hit kill; there are still times when I don’t get any Sarlacs or Gors and the Carrions are a blessing in these cases.

Also the Ironclads don’t draw cards, they are my only dispell minions.

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How about abjudicator, alcuin loremaster, and alcuin fugitive? They copy/discount spells and provide bodies.

You’ll also want soul grimwar / deathfire crescendo for defense, since they combo well with sacrifice spells.


After much trial and error this is the deck that has been working so far:

I tried using Abjudicator and Alcuin Loremaster but didn’t really find them a good use; Deathfire Crescendo is working though.

And had to change to Maehv, my heals seem to be just enough.

Aggro Decks still beat my ass but Crescendo somewhat helps.

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I think Cass can fulfill the trial faster than Maehv. Mentor + BBS is stronger in Cass because it gets too expensive for Maehv.

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Yep, Cass can get Xor faster than Maehv (with Mentors); the thing is that half the time even though I got Xor the other player would still win because they’ve been focusing me all the time. Having a 4/4 to deal with helps a lot.

Being unable to use Punish at will does hurt sometimes.

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That’s what I said above :smiley:

It seems if a deck is going full aggro against you you will lose very quickly because you have nothing to hold them off. Maehv has at least 4/4s.

I am just stating the advantage of Cass but I think it is even more depending on highrolls than Maehv.


Does it really get expensive? 2 aphotic drains is all it takes to do 5 bbses with a net health loss of 0. And let’s not forget that 5 mana lifesteal deathwatch card(shadowdancer? I forget the name). Idk, i’m just not convinced.

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