Opinions about rite of the undervault?


i know abyssian isnt the meta dominating faction at all but everytime i run into this card i just feel betrayed


To be honest, I prefer Sojourner in terms of card draw for creep decks. The opponent rarely expects it and it is far more versatile for slow creep.

Rite of the undervault is only good when you are severely behind on cards, which can only happen if your curve is exceptionally good. Yes, it can give your opponent a bunch of cards most likely including several win conditions, but they must sacrifice most of their turn and play a low curve deck to do so.


Yeah it can piss me off too. The important thing is to make sure you always have card advantage over them. If they dump their hand, that’s a sign that they have their Rite- don’t waste your time dealing with and reacting to all the tiny minions they dumped and pile on the pressure to their face.


It’s a cool card. Adds a great deal of sustainability to a faction that loves to grind, but has some pretty fair opportunity cost to it. Definitely working as intended.


Dope animation.


I think it’s pretty disheartening when you are playing against a control deck and they keep removing everything, and you finally whittle their hand down – and they suddenly have a full hand again.

Maybe this is part of the balance for this faction, but it’s kind of a backbreaker to realize you can never get them to run out of cards unless you are lucky.


Considering how cheap many of the ways are to deal with many abyssian threats, especially when playing against a lilithe, I think it’s fair that they at least get to replenish their losses at a certain opportunity cost - keep in mind that paying 5 mana for that IS going to cost you a lot of tempo - if they want reliability, that is one hand card slot clogged up by a rite, and otherwise it’s the luck of the draw.


The change just ensures you’ll get one overdraw and don’t get to play 2 mana minion that turn. Increasing the cost wasn’t good decision. They should have made the card draw 3 cards and kept the cost the same.


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