Opinion on Prismatic Cards?


and not to mention a prismatic prism barrier on a prismatic illusion from a prismatic prismatic illusionist

honestly it should be an easter egg at this point that for every prismatic summoned a prismatic illusionist get a bigger aura until the entire screen is prismatic


I personally find them rather dull.
In Pox, many of limiteds (analogue of prismatics) are just sepia versions of the same rune (card). They were also criticized from artistic point of view, but the catch is that they are available only for certain selected cards. You can’t make a limited version of anything. This is why they stand out for me, while prismatics don’t.

In other words, alt General skins are interesting, prismatics not so much.


I dislike the effect - it seems artificial on unit skins. I prefer non-prismatic cards.


Agree, the effect just seems like a cheap way to artificially create value sorta like gun skins in counterstrike, but just bad and not worth it. On the generals it’s the same and if anything I feel like a douchy hipster millennial when I include any prismatics in my deck.\


So here is why the prismatic skins in duelyst don’t work, The original sprites are too good. In Hearthstone and Gwent the original cards are static and the Shiny /Prismatic cards have animation and different coloring. Duelyst base cards are what most games shiny cards are and that makes them harder to stand out. The alt skins for Sarlac, Keeper, Healing mystic,Tiger and the Boss is the way to go but it is probably a little too late in process to go back and do them all cards. If artist was doing them from beginning it might have been possible. So we are stuck with current prismatic which needs to stand more i hope the reworked for the game sake dumping spirit in shinys helps the game’s economy I have seen people buy shiny cards to make their decks all shiny.


I don’t have a strong opinion on prismatics, but my brain won’t let me prioritize non prismatics when disenchanting. I know it’s wasting spirit and I didn’t even realize there was an effect other than the purple gradient, but I keep prismatics (even my prismatic envybear) and grind to unlock the free prismatics.


I know it is a lot of effort, but I’d like Prismatic Cards to have either:

  • recoloration
  • alternative movement cycles
  • flashier summon effects
  • additional/ alternative sound effects
  • an own unlockable card for certain stages of prismatic card amounts in my posession. I want to be able to be rewarded for foiling out my collection!

On which points would you agree?


Definitely not the last point, cause it may lead to pay2win situation - prismatics are expensive to get.

Others seem fine, but sadly will never happen.


yeah the last point is there due to a lack of better ideas…


Prismatic Rainbow Pony and - of course - Prismatic Serpenti.
I don’t care for all the others. :sunglasses:


They give me conniptions. The shimmer effect needs replaced (imo) because it looks like it could be reskinned as sickness (turn it greenscale and take away the bloom effect). It’s not very aesthetically pleasing to me, and i’d much rather a (slightly) reworked sprite and animation. But that’s a stretch, such a large undertaking for a frivolous thing


3/4 autobot? A mech?


I’m pretty sure he means this guy:


Alternate movement, summon effects and sound effects sound great in theory but I worry they will be too resource-intensive.

I love the idea of unlockable cards like the Seven Sisters because of how rewarding it feels to have and use them. But they should be locked behind faction or collection progression rather than prismatic collections simply due to P2W issues.

I like the idea of recolours because they are simple to do, nice to look at and have and don’t require a lot of resources.


Something new like the sisters would be awesome!

I liked the idea of different skins but that seems to be a very high reward and it also possibly confuses new players a lot.


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