Opinion on Prismatic Cards?


I appreciate prismatic cards and the extra spirit they provide and the sense of achievement I get for unlocking them for levelling factions. However I would like your opinions on the aesthetic aspect of these cards.

Having “foil” or “shiny” versions of cards is a longstanding tradition of card games like these, and while I never put much thought into it I did notice a lot of people seem to treat the “shinies” in Duelyst with disdain. While I think the purplish look of the card is nice and fits the simplistic style of Duelyst I’m personally not so sure about the weird shimmer of the minions and generals on the battlefield.

What do you guys think? Are they fine as is, or should they be changed? If you think they should be changed, how so?


I don’t like how they look and 6 months ago I would have told you I only see them as additional spirit but now that I spent real money on cosmetics (Vaath MkII and Magmar battle map and some Magmar emotes) I have to admit that if they had their own skin I am not so sure anymore I’d disenchant them automatically.

Funny enough I also hated F2P games, saw them as costumer unfriendly. If you told me 15 months ago not only I’d play almost exclusively a F2P game but also spend a lot of money on it without any regret I’d have thought you crazy :smiley:


to each their own but for me i saw duelyst like league of legends and im still waiting to see that. so yea i kinda wish to see duelyst have a “huge” visual upgrade like league of legends had. as for the shine i dont mind it


its personal preference. some people see it as ugly, others like it.
some see it as extra spirit to craft the cards they actually want
others see it as a mark of prestige

personally i automatically disenchant them if i already have 3 of the regular sort. my collection isnt full enough


They are nice, but the pixel art of the originals are so good that the small glow affect on units and differently coloured card background seem quite minor.

I always thought that Prismatic Duelyst cards would be palette swaps, like Shiny Pokemon.

Another suggestion I have is to make Prismatic cards track their statistics, such as damage dealt, damage taken, winrate with this card in your deck, and % of times this was replaced.


I see prismatic cards as pointless. I always disenchant them since I rather have the spirit to craft cards I actually want. The “shiny effect” of them isn’t enough to warrant keeping them in my opinion. The only exception would be if its the 3rd copy of a card that I want for a deck. But besides that I don’t bother with them.


Personally, I think that they’re OK. When looking at the card itself, the effect isn’t that noticeable, but when you put them into play, that’s when the wow factor kicks in for me. Putting in more special effects when playing a minion would be the aesthetic direction i hope CPG goes for. Either that or more skins.

What I hope they improve upon are the card backs since we don’t really get many chances to see them.


i personally like them but i will dust them if they arent meta or a meme I.E i will never disenchant my playset of prismatic serpenti.


Besides the triples I get for levelling I don’t use them either because of their spirit value. I have seen a couple people suggest recolours instead of prismatics and that really appeals to me.


I think it’s fine, I like the shimmer. Prismatic Dagona looks the same as normal Dagona though, the giant sprite lol.

Sure, they could do something cooler, but I think it’s fine as is. More of a mark of prestige than anything.

The only prismatics I’ve kept are Serpenti and that 3/4 heavenly Autobot with the coolest sprite in the game, but I’ve crafted 2x Blood Echoes (it was cheap and filling the board with prismatic Sarlac fills me with joy)


I’m not sure how I would feel about recolours. My main thought is, would it confuse (new/inexperienced) players? We do already have recoloured minions in the game with Saberspine Tiger, Healing Mystic and a couple of others. But those are rarely seen and only limited to certain cards (maybe 7 or 8?). Due to that having a few recoloured minions is fine because those are rarely seen and the main two that I’ve mentioned were open for everyone to get at the time plus are well known. But if there was a recolour for every minion, maybe its just me, but it could be a bit extreme.


I wish I had prismatic purgatos cause it’s my fav card;;


Right?? The art is so incredible, and it’s gorgeous with the prismatic effect, I hope RNG gifts me with more. The effect is cool too, if only it was playable!


Play it with diretide frenzy for a nice meme :sunglasses:


Where’s the love for Prismatic prism barrier and Prismatic Prismatic illusionist?


they suck

tldr: bad


What sucks? what succ?


prismatics are nothing special but extra spirit

if they had some cool effects to go along with them, then I’d care


Beat me to it. The only prismatic cards I’ve kept.


Wha, prismatic serpenti is the way forward!