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Open Moderator Applications


We are quickly becoming a really large community and as such, we can always use some more help in the moderation department. If you are interested in becoming a moderator please fill out the questionnaire below by private messaging me your answers.

We are always open to any dedicated moderation staff, but currently, preference will be given to those that are active on the forums between 1am-11am EST.

There is no cutoff date as we will refer back to these applications anytime we are in need of more moderators.

How long have you been in the Duelyst Community?:
What would be your approach to moderation:
Would you tend to believe that we need to moderate in order to set principles, boundaries and to ensure repeat offenders get punished or do you believe that rehabilitation of users should be valued above overall peacekeeping?
What would you like to be seen changed or done differently on the forums?
What do you believe is the purpose of the Forums?

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