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[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks): "Zerg Rush"


These decks aren’t specially built for Ladder of
course. Think about it just as a way to play something different, maybe
fresher, maybe one day in “Casual Mode”.

An idea by @nwardezir!
See the other deck list of the serie here: [OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

Never played to Starcraft? One of the faction, Zerg, is full of little fast minions, the famous zergling rush is a simple tactic that consist in product a critical mass in short time to achieve a super fast victory.
The idea come from the Vanar card lightning blitz and the faction ability infiltrate.
The only minion that cost 3+ is the razorback, all other are 1/2/3 minions, the win can be achieved with wailing overdrive, razorback or boundless courage.


Super simple deck, faction deck (only neutral are saberspine tiger and flameblood warlock), few purple and blue, then not too much expensive…in perfect zerg style!;D


Thanks, added to the OOM Library :wink:


I wouldn’t call this a meme deck anymore, now that I was beaten countless times by a similar deck yesterday that also had walls and Jax Truesight… Incorporating those cards and maybe a couple marks of solitude, and this “meme deck” may just become a beast on the ladder.

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