[OOM] Out of the Meta (Stupid Decks) "The Replacement Killers"


Happy to see these “out of the meta” deck ideas popping out after @nwardezir’s posts . I got real tired of the meta and ranking, so I recently stopped caring about rank and started playing decks that are just fun.

I decided to make a replacement deck. It’s janky and got maybe a 25% win rate in gold, but those wins were hella fun. Of course the key pieces are Aethermaster, Whitewidow, Kron and Wings of Paradise. The interactions between these should be obvious. I needed bodies to throw on the field to survive early game so I added some mechs. Cannon of Mechazor is also a serviceable early dispel bait. Building mechazor is a nice bonus, but is less than reliable since people see it coming a mile away and reserve a dispel or something for it. Flash reincarnation and Kujata accelerate getting the key pieces out. Using Starhorn so I can get replacement ammo even if I empty my hand.

Fractal replication is where the good times start. With Aethermaster on board, replicating a Kron instantly fills half the board and I’ve had opponents concede with high health just out of despair. With a wings of paradise on board, replicating an Aethermaster means a surprise 11 damage to face. Replicating a Whitewidow means every replacement is a game of 6 damage roulette.

The deck will definitely change when I’m in the mood to edit it again. Will probably remove the mechs. Maybe add some spelljammers and decimus. But for now it provides some amusement.

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

Mechs AND replace synergies? Double the memes double the fun.


Yeah, I’m replacing stuff constantly anyway. Might as well fish for mech parts at the same time.


Replace pairs better with arcanyst then it does with Mech