[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : "One Man Army"


Bored with the meta and constantly trying weirf stuff, I like to build and test some themed decks.
This is a work in progress, most of the time posting incomplete decks, discussing here and refining.


These decks aren’t specially built for the Ladder of course. Think about it just as a way to play something different, maybe fresher, maybe one day in Casual Mode.


Making Vaath your main source of damage, going full frontal to the opponent General, having minion just backing you up in the unstopppable process of destruction.




  • Flash Reincarnation + Grove Lion/Night Watcher/Grincher
  • Kinetic Equilibrium + Grove Lion/Night Watcher
  • Spirit Harvester + Grove Lion/Night Watcher
  • Spirit Harvester + Egg Morph

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

that’s very interesting by the way, i hope the day will come where every kind of decks are meta XD


Without keeper of the vale there is no need for such self restriction. The only point of going no early drops and insetad using vaath really is Keeper. There are other ways to make artifact centered decks work.

I’ve been using this in S for a bit this month. I’d guess a winrate around 50%, but i didn’t keep track at all. Groncher is pretty meh tbh, i used it some seasons ago in an artifact build, but outside of some hilarious bounded lifeforce + wildfire ankh or cyclone mask lethals it really isn’t worth it. Sure, its funny, but with Shimzar its overall value has went done even more.


@cassador : read it again, the point is not to make decks that are already on these forums, I don’t care about the meta, Vaath the Keeper is already widely spread.

It’s not about “I hit the S”, “winrate”, “value” and shit. It’s about having fun, playing uncommon combos, cards that are forgotten or disliked, put back some fun into it.

I thought with the Disclaimer it would be clear enough, but I gess I was wrong, there are still people that can’t think out of the Ladder :wink:


I understand your disclaimer, the deck above isn’t serious either. It just doesn’t make sense to not run 2 drops for the sake of not running 2drops, because that makes the deck worse then it needs to be :smiley: If i am gonna go with memes i usually try to make them work the best i can in the limits i have, and if your theme is artifact vaath running 2-drops doesn’t really change that imo.


The point is mainly using Vaath, Artifact is just one few of the mean. If I could, I would have made à zero-minion deck :laughing:

There are some others benefits on the side, not going full artifacts :

  • Healing spells to survive longer
  • Forcefield from Groovy cat
  • Movement from Silhouette
  • Night Watcher calming those pesky Makantor/Elucidators/Revenants/Tigers/Dervishes
  • Dampening Wave to provide a nice target for your Iridium Scale

See, it’s not about all Artifacts, because even full of mighty items, what’s the point if you’re far away from the opponent General, surronded by minion and/or low on HP :wink:

I understand why most of people can’t think out of the meta, and indeed, it’s normal and I finally don’t blame them. It’s because we only have Ladder as play field. I’d really like a true Casual Mode (as stated on first post) for theses kind of decks.

But trust me, on next season, at every ranking step on ladder (20, 10, 5) I’ll be there, for a couple of days, playing my stupid decks :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats why i run silouethe tracers, grove lions, healing mystics and earth spheres and iridium scales in my list as well.

Sigh. I didn’t wanna bring this up but whatever. There is a difference between non-meta decks and ideas and just bad decks. The list you posted is just bad. That can be either due to you being too adamant about your theme or you not being good at deck building. I am running stupid decks all the time. I am currently running Arcanyst Magmar and have a terrible winrate. But that is purely because the archetype itself isn’t great, i.e. its not ‘meta’, not because the list itself is that bad, even though it might not be fine-tuned enough and could prolly achieve at least 50% winrate. You can’t just throw in all cards related to a theme and expect it to work. If you wanna run random cards together and find that fun that is fine. I just wanted to help your meme deck building with my experiences i have from trying to make the same ‘meme’ work. I am a person that has the most fun if he is winning, but i also dont wanna use the same stale shit over and over. Oh and btw i know the ‘being too adamant about your theme’ well enough. I usually start of with all kinds of funky cards i wanna use, and have to remind myself that i have to get rid of some of them if i dont wanna lose all the time.


That make sense, I’m gonna hear your word of wisdom :slight_smile:

Usually, I try to stick (maybe too hard) to my theme and refine it little by little, until it’s “fun enough”. Can you post your deck please ?

And thanks for the wise advices, I’ll try too sound less harsh next time :wink:
(added you ingame)


No hard feelings bro, i was worried that i might sound way too rude as well :smiley:
I already posted a link with the artifact/one man army list i ended up with above, is it not working?
I started off at a similar point as you did, with me trying to go the pure Vaath route, but at some point i just realized that you need at least some 2 Drops, otherwise you lose too much in the early game. I also tried not running any 2-drops and instead go for NS + flash + iridum scale, the issue with that was that i rarely got to use my scales and NS isn’t a good turn 1 play either. (well its no t1 play at all obviously).


So far, a funny T1 play I used (versus Vet Obelysk, I learned after) was Flash NightWatcher, I had a nice smile on my face dropping that :grin: … and better after.


Night watcher vs. Vet is so damn ridicolous, espcially now with siphon gone.


I think this is relevant:

Both queen and Smash have had a lot of success in S rank, Vath Smash is not to far off from what your doing here, and it can indeed do well.


Err … can we drop the S-Rank discussion please ?
S-rank is 0.3% of players, Diamond is 1.4% …

Is the deck unusual and fun to play ? That is my first concern, ranking is not a criteria to me *sigh*


Yes, it’s about having fun first…that doesent mean you can’t do both and also try to be compeitive.


Maybe I should open another thread on this topic.
After few months playing, my global feeling is that either you grind the ladder, almost forced to play Meta to be efficient and actually climb, not doing yo-yo … either you play funny and pleasant decks and forget the ranking.

As soon as you want to be efficient, you are required to put your usual Minion, get your Shrouds, Mystic and Primus(es), put your faction Staples, your Makantor, your 4WM, your SpecRev etc. Higher ranks and Meta dictate that, and spoil the fun of it. At least to me.

Sometime, I prefer to lose after spending a nice enjoyable match, that wining on T4 by concede because my opponent knows exactly what I’m going to play with just-another-full-meta-cancer deck :confused:


I think this is definitely an issue worthy of its own topic and discussion. All the way to S Rank, I’ve never been in a situation where I thought “this guy is just playing meta cancer” (except that one time I got a bad hand against Sim City Vetruvian). Is this a real problem that I’ve just never noticed? I’m confused :confused:


Maybe you’re lucky, but honestly, just this afternoon, 2 out of 3 Songhai victories where by opponent conceding around turn 4 to 6, despite having 12 or 15 hp left …
Happens sometimes with Abyssian, for instance when a second Kelaino hits the board and there is no removal available :confused:

But that’s not the topic, this is Bozo-Deck !


Hmmm interesting list, as always from you’r OOM choice, anyway can be interesting using alcuin 2x to go more control, copy some interesting spell…dunno