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[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : “Lilithe the Head Librarian”


Now that @nwardezir has given us his blessing to follow his format/footseps, I have an odd deck to show you guys. Lilith Arcanyst-----

Lilithe is the shift leader at the Alcuin Library. The opposing general is trying to loot and burn the national library. Your job is to stop them. You have your loyal staff and your demonic imps to hold them off until they concede after realizing they have no hope. Seriously though, you will very rarely kill the enemy general. You will die, or they will concede when they realize they can not win.

Abyssian has a larege number of cheap effective spells, and I think that they are a decent fit for the Arcanyst Archetype. Your BBS is always useful(body blocking, increased summoning range, trading, pinging artifacts/ healing from Keilano), so you can expect to play it almost every turn that it is avaliable. With Abjuducator/Manaforger you will have a large amount of 0 cost spells you can play after dropping your OBS/PI(Prismatic Illusionist). Once you run out of cards(very common) you use Rite of the Undervault to refill. You will almost always be able to prevent yourself from overdraw.

This way you have more swarm generating options compared to the more popular Lilithe lists. Yes you are extremely vulnerable to Blistering Skorn, but if you can get the OBS(Owlbeast Sage) buff on your Arcanysts then you are no longer. Plasma storm on the other hand kills literally all of your minions except OBS. Vaath is a tough maatchup.

Deathwatch minions would likely be better, but there is no room to include them.

All of your minions are buffed by OBS with the exception of: Wraithlings, Eph Shroud, Gor, and Keilano.

Manaforger, Abjuducator, and Alcuin are all there to make combos easier to pull off. 3 ATK is a very good value, so buffing their health up can lead to them generating serious value.

PI and OBS snowball absurdly fast if they are not dealt with IMMEDIATELY.

You have a pretty good amount of removal, and discounted Ritual Banishings(Wraithlings/Gor/Tokens) can easily be copied midgame to ensure that you always have more. Void Pulse can be chained together like 3 times lategame for a decent heal and mediocre burst.

Make sure you play around dispels/removal. Lightbender in particular(Including your own :sob:) Spread out against Lyonar, keep distance against Vet/Magmar, hope that Vanar don’t have Chromatic Cold/Cryogenisis/Aspect of the Fox, and any AoEs. Try to place OBS down first, then PI if possible so that you can buff the Is

Thanks for reading, I would not really recommend trying this deck out as it is by far the most draw dependent deck I have ever created. It is fun when it works though. I love the Arcanyst Theme, but I have a burning passion of SongHaite.This deck still needs lots of testing/tweaking so please let me know if you have any suggestions/critiquing/flaming/all of the above/etc…///

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

Hahahah love the lore!
The librarian archetype can be transmuted with every faction…hmmm can be an interesting lore, a secret war above librarians of every faction to acquire the precious knowledge bound in those precious book, which faction will nab those precious tomes?!


Have you considered Void Steal?
High health and attack Arcanyst should be scary.


Good suggestion. Adding it to the testing list. I don’t think I have any copies owned so I glossed over it. Also adds counterplay options to plasma storm lol


Thanks for your participation, if you don’t mind I’ve added you in a dedicated “OOM” compilation thread with a pointer here :wink:

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