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[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : “Chicago”


Hey guys, I saw @nwardezir 's idea about decks to play in casual mode, and I loved it!
So I decided to keep the series going (hope he doesn’t get mad xP) and created a deck inspired by Chicago, the city of winds.

The deck idea is simple: summon as many obelysks as you can and win with whisper.
To help with that, we got as many obelysks as possible (maybe someday soulburn obelysk will be a card) and wind slicer to lower their costs. At high mana we can summon 4 obelysks in one turn (and pray not to get plasma stormed next turn)!

Some other card choices:

  • Aether master and spell jammer are there to help get that explosive turn
  • Cosmic flesh is our instant provoke to help us survive longer
  • Pax is there because pax
  • azure Herald is there to help us survive longer (and is a nic 2 drop for T1)

Odd stuff:

  • No aymara?
    I love her, but I could find and she is not obelysk/dervish themed

  • DuneCaster?
    My main doubt here. Too weak of a body and needs a board to be useful. Yes it has dervish synergy but if I were to take anything out of the deck for something new, dune casters would be the first to go.

  • Windstorm sux!
    Yes I know, it isn’t the best card ever, but that’s the point of the deck, being funny, build a city of obelysks and winding people out

The whole series idea and it’s credits go to @nwardezir
This deck is obviously not made for laddering or compete with meta decks, so you’ll probably get frustrated playing this against a spellhai or something
This deck is new and needs tweaking for optimal levels of fun and memeness, so feedback and road testing is always welcome!

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

Would definitely replace the Windstorms with First Wishes or Entropic Decays. Would also pop out one of the Allomancers, and possibly one of the Dunecasters or Aethermasters for a pair of Star’s Fury.


Hell no, I feel honored by the tribute :slight_smile:
Everyone is encouraged to post “silly” decks ! Will be a nice counter-balancing to all the SRankers optimised decks we have in the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

I like yours, you catched the spirit !
Sad I miss 2xEpics and 2xLegend to test it, but I’m definitely bookmarking it.


Star’s fury is a great card. Although not completely in theme with the deck, it would probably be a great boost in consistency as a singleton.

More than that tho, It would start to be redundant with whispers. Maybe 2 of each? Something to test on


Glad you like it ^^

What cards are you missing? Maybe there’s something else that could be tested


2 Nimbus and 2 Allomancer missing, 4 very important cards in this deck :frowning:

But I have 1xRasha Curse and 2xStarFury … or maybe SandHowler or Rae (I like this Battle Pet as City Cleaner) ?
I also have an old rotten Bastion lying somewhere …

A Circle of Dessication would fit very well too, but I haven’t any.


Allomancers are cool, but not that big. Nimbus on the other hand, is the big city builder :disappointed_relieved:

Star’s fury is a nice addition to the missing allos or perhaps wind shrike, if you want another 4 drop.

Rae might be fun, but if you are gonna run it, run 3. I wouldn’t say It’s worth to run less than 3.

Still don’t know what to replace nimbus with

Also, circle of desiccation is the king of all memes! But I don’t own any either, so someone else would have to try it


Don’t worry, I keep opening orb everyday and one day, I’ll have the cards or Spirit to test it !

Also, if you don’t mind I’ve added you in a dedicated “OOM” compilation thread with a pointer here :wink:


I really like this deck and I think it would be a ton of fun, I just think Aymara is a good card in every vet deck. I don’t know what you would get rid of though.


aymara is great, I agree. I just think it misses the structure deck. Maybe cut some nimbus or aethermaster

EDIT: you can try the deck withou dunecasters since the deck has enough 2 drops


A very nice concept, great job! :slight_smile:

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