[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : “CBO”


Bored with the meta and constantly trying weirf stuff, I like to build and test some themed decks.
This is a work in progress, most of the time posting incomplete decks, discussing here and refining.


These decks aren’t specially built for the Ladder of course. Think about it just as a way to play something different, maybe fresher, maybe one day in Casual Mode.


No revolutionnary stuff, just a sub-version of the well know “backstabhai”. The main difference being that Kaleos, here, isn’t just a carrier, moving minion here and there. The General is now a CBO ! (Chief Backstabbing Officer)




  • all the usual Backstabhai stuff with Juxta, MDSeal, IF etc
  • Surprise Buttseks with Mask of Shadows + Silhouette ! :point_right::ok_hand:
  • Bloodletter + MDS (yummy, free 10 damage, no matter which side of opponent General is exposed)


Nothing fancy, I just don’t like how Kaleos is just standing dull in usual Backstabai, doing 2 damages from time to time …
Opponents tend to move away from your minion and have no fear in closing near Kaleos … let’s surprise them :wink:

Maybe add some Saberspine Seal, but it’s expensive now since last patch :confused:

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

One-offs, the bane of our existence.


Maybe remove the 3 One-Offs and replace with ? MistWalking ? 3x Zendo ?


I’ve actually been playing with MoS myself lately. Works pretty well in diamond right now, probably gonna try for S-Rank with it next month. Definitely adheres more to the meta, but it’s still a fun different playstyle.

I’ll say that Mist Walking is an absolutely phenomenal spell. Thanks to it and jux, this deck needs no removal whatsoever. It functions as a type of soft removal and can be used offensively with 4WM and MoS to close out games. Massively underrated.


Damn, it’s tempting, yours seems more concentrated. I just miss a Zendo …

I also tried this season with mine, but never crossed mid-diamond with it, had hard times versus Lyonar iirc :confused:


Have you thought of putting Koan of Horns in some moment into the deck. Because i think its not as bad as it seems and it really fits with the rest.


I haven’t in this one but I have build a deck especially based on it, with Mana Vortex, Manaforgers and Adjudicators, in order to get it out as early as possbile, but didn’t work well :confused:

Maybe in this deck, I’ll see :slight_smile:


The thing about of Koan of Horns is not bringing it in early, is having plenty of spells focused on sinergy with your gorehorns, at least for me.


That deck seems really intresting, but 1 problem i have is that :
A. In order to be able to get in and land a backstab with your general without getting killed you need a way to clear the board, which you currently don’t have.
B. You need some way to force the enemy general to sit still so you can get more backstabs in.

So, here’s my own version :

This is a really control heavy version, basically focusing on board clears and provokes.