[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) "Can't touch this", featured: Chuck Norris



These decks aren’t specially built for Ladder of course. Think about it just as a way to play something different, maybe fresher, maybe one day in “Casual Mode”.

Deck requested by @huginronin.

This deck focuses at Quartermastet Gauj (aka Chuck Norris), Aegis Barrier combo as a finisher.
My idea was to use fast cards to get early board presence and cycle them with Spelljammer to dig for combo pieces. I also included Magnetize to bring back our wincon from the corners when the oponent uses Repulsor Beast.


"Does it work?"
Hell no.
"Is it worth it?"
Hell yes!
"Why no Ironcliffes?"
I think they’re too slow but if they work for you, sure why not.
"Why Nexus?"
Because you really want to put Gauj out of the range of aoe’s.

##Further development
I really don’t know what to change. I was thinking about Azure Horn Shaman, Shiro Puppy Dragon or Sun Elemental, but it doesn’t seem like good idea.

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

Imo run Wood-wen for maximum BUFFS.


Omg I didn’t think about that. That changes EVERYTHING.


Or Gauj+Prophet of the White Palm combo and then Aegis, Wood-wen, and afterblaze. I think I should slow the deck down and add some dispel baits.

Maybe it will even work.


I love gauj but to play him. You need to force their dispels and spells. Lynor is great for gauj because it nearly eliminates one of his only counters. So we need cards that can stick to the board and have a non immediate effect forcing a dispel. Ranged units always looked good for wasting a enemy dis and spell. Buffs to monster like from woodwen or spells is another way I’m thinking about.

The old Kara use to be a great opponent to rush. Gauj and Aegis as she had very little dispelled or damaging spells in her card list


That’s why I was thinking about slowing this deck down, and adding some ranged minions or silverguards, they’re not ideal for baiting dispel but it’s something.


So I tried a provoke heavy build and didn’t bait dispels as I had hoped. They still made a nice stall as my spell immune game made his way to victory. I guess ranged minions are next thinking of a adding slow and zeke for that battle pet plus 4 drop action or 4 zeke


From my experience, any afterblaze or DB target, Suntide Maidens, dioltas, and sometimes even lion work as dispel fodder.
Azurehorn shaman could work too, but it is not easy to self kill it as Lyonar (I never got martyrdom at a good time to use it on the shaman when I tried it).