[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : "AoE"


Bored with the meta and constantly trying weirf stuff, I like to build and test some themed decks.
This is a work in progress, most of the time posting incomplete decks, discussing here and refining.


These decks aren’t specially built for the Ladder of course. Think about it just as a way to play something different, maybe fresher, maybe one day in Casual Mode.


Constantly wiping the board with AoE (Area of Effect) damages and spells. Win condition could be opponent getting constantly grinded in the process, until death (or Spiral).




  • Jade Monk + Deathstrike
  • Panddo + Deathstrike
  • Skorn + (Panddo + Deathstrike)
  • Skorn + (Jade Monk + Deathstrike)
  • Skorn + Lantern Fox


Add some Crescent Spear for bigger output damage but with Skorn, may be counter productive to destroy your own expensive artifact, it’s not a cheap mask.

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

Just at a glance this deck seems like it should have PF and Crescent Spear. Also, why are you running Alter Rexx?? I’d just sub it and one copy of Ghost Lightning out for the aforementioned cards

Edit: Didn’t read nvm. Still wouldn’t run ironclad, though.


Yeah, PF is tempting, but I found it not enough “AoE”.

Maybe I could drop one Ironclad, dunno, I’ll test when is out … but removing a Ghost Lighting … doooh, it’s so funny when you have a Sister on board, equip a Spear or drop another sister and … Nuclear Surprise, for one mana ! :bomb: :fire:


Damn i like bozo decks, i can’t wait to try this out :smiley:


I think you need some sort of low drop; if you pass turn 1 and draw up to 6, you basically can’t use lantern fox for an unreasonably long time because your PFs will get burned. I’d probably drop the Ironclads and an Alkyone, or maybe the Monks, for something that lets you keep hand size at 4 or 5 instead of 6.

might I recommend a set of swamp entanglers


OOM should be a new battle pet.

3 mana 3/3
If your opponent’s deck has been complained about at least 5 times in the forums, restore your general to full health


As for the deck itself, why not go full meme and run Eight gates and Crescent spear over Ironclad for more spell AOE. With this much spell damage, maybe even add Storm Kage.


Jajaja !
Maybe when I’m richer, I’ll try that :slight_smile:
For now, I keep trying to build decks from my average card library, don’t have 8gates and StormKage :confused: