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[OOM] Memes, Gimmicks and Failures: Abjudicator


Hello and welcome to Out Of the Meta: Memes, Gimmicks and Failures, in which I present you my bad decks, go on and on about how Psychic Conduit is actually a pretty good card and Tremor wins games no seriously, i really like those two and complain about not being able to pilot these things to Diamond.
So, you see, I like to play solo decks. I also like to play stupid decks I guess. Its just how I am unfortunately.

wtf, he actually runs tremor
– You, right now

So, this deck is called Abjudimar or something. Honestly I wanted these to be Spellmar and Spellvet, and they started like that, but as more and more creatures found their way in I thought that’d be a misleading title.
Abjudicator is a card I admire and I think it may some day see more serious play, as it is an amazing ramp tool. As P2T1, For 3 mana you can reduce 1 cost of 4 cards in your hand. Opening with Abjudi+Natural Selection is a strong play, but there is of course more to it than that- if youve got a bunch of cheap spells in hand + Tec Spikes, a turn 1 Abjudicator will allow you to go all out with your stuff without worrying about running out of fuel.
There’s also stuff like, Abjudi+Vaath’s Brutality which is really nice, especially if you’ve got some more stun to buy a bit more time to get more value of Plasmastorm.
Dampening Wave and Egg Morph prove useful when in a pinch as well, since your general is always in the front lines and Earth Sphere is not always mana shifted and ready.

how do you win with this

Overload, Vaath’s Brutality, Entropic Gaze. These are your face damage resources- No burst, only slowly getting the advantage. Each time your overloaded Vaath strikes a 2 attack general, you gain advantage. The rest is there primarily for dealing with the board.

why arent you running Mankator or some finisher you ramen brained gold dweller

Because then this would be closer to a normal deck!
Im feeling guilty enough by including Lavaslasher already.
I have run Juggernaut and Bounded Lifeforce in the past, but I never ever cast them, so I put them away in favor of other stuff. Including Drogon, but when I tried that I also never ever used it, so I yet again put it away for other stuff. I have, run Claws as well, but I always feel like its never quite the right time to cast it.
Directly related to that, I want to introduce you to my good friend Silhouette Tracer. I found it that a lot of matches end with people running from you while bodyblocking your 6 attack magnanimously muscular body with their minion shenanigans. Tracer is always a surprise ending for them.

Stuff I wanna say but dont know where to put it:
Paragon is waifu
Youd be surprised how much time you can buy just with Tremor and Brutality

Slots Im not sure about: Egg Morph and Thumping Wave, I oftenly think its not the right time to cast them but you do occasionally need it, so there they are. I dont know what to do with those.

Onto the next one, Abjuvian:

how did this deck even work
– An actual comment by a dude I somehow completely countered

The only card that can consistently pull off a finisher role in this deck is Star’s Fury, and that is anti synergistic with all that removal. How does this work? How do you win with this?

I dunno, probably Bone Swarm
In a sense, similar to Abjudimar, this deck has no finisher. Its all about gaining constant small advantage- Star’s Fury is not here to kill the general, its here to clear the board and ideally deal two extra face damage.
Psychic Conduit, Bone Swarm, and Blood of Air are not game winners alone, but they all contribute to this gameplan, and sooner than you know it, the opponent is at 17 life and you’re at 21 with a clear board and you dont even know what happened

you can steal the mana crystal from that vanar minion if you Conduit and kill it. think about the beauty of that. also, nothing is more artful and stunning than bone swarming two minions and then casting Conduit to have them kill each other. i had forgotten why i love this card, but now i remember

I gotta say it, a lot of the time turn 1 is gonna be a waste. I ditched Healing Mystics and included Staffs to help with this issue.
I always think of Azure Herald and Flameblood Warlock as kind of two opposing forces- Whenever I brew, I think about which of those two I want. I love my 3 symmetric damage 3/1 but I think above speed this deck needs survivability. A game with this archetype is won by slowly grinding the opponent down, and if you get below their burst damage treshold before then, you lose, so you kinda want the game to be long.
Staff helps you trade and go face better, Falcius as well, Blindscorch can both buy time and protect your general, I’d try running two CoDs but I only have one.

Of course there are cool Abjudicator interactions, they’re just not as fast as with Magmar. Entropic Decay for 3 mana is nice, even better cause you’re always on the front lines anyway. Occasionally you get to do some pretty cool stuff like, against Healyionar (which I frequently lose against), casting a ramped Mirage on a Sunforge Lancer or Scintilla + an Azure Herald.

Slots Im not sure about: Rasha’s Curse
Dunno what to put in here. I tried running Time Maelstorm in the past (to combo with Falcius), but at the time I didnt have Staff in there. I should try this sometime. You should try it sometime!

I think thats it. Im afraid this is too long already. Make sure to go ahead and try or not try these bad ideas. I also encourage you to share your own bad or not so bad ideas!

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library

Added to OOM Library :wink:


d i n g d o n g y o u r o p i n i n i o n i s w r o n g


The first deck is kinda OK, but I still see no way to play the second one. Really. No. Way.


Let us know if you ever reach Diamond with those decks, it would be a major achievement!


You do you, man. You do you.


Next season, unless I finally give up

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