Onyxhai - Damn nature you scary


The deck:

  • 1x Kaleos Xaan
  • 3x Inner Focus
  • 3x Mana Vortex
  • 3x Katara
  • 3x Mist Dragon Seal
  • 3x Chakri Avatar
  • 2x Mirror Meld
  • 3x Xho
  • 3x Killing Edge
  • 3x Lantern Fox
  • 3x Onyx Bear Seal
  • 3x Four Winds Magi
  • 2x Sworn Sister L’kian
  • 2x Firestarter
  • 2x Onyx Jaguar
  • 1x Spiral Technique

Basically the idea of this deck is to control the early game with Katara’s and Chakri’s
along with mirror melds. then mid game get out a jaguar so you can put down your lantern foxes without them getting zenrui’d by using your BBS on them the turn they are played, Four Winds Magi soaks removal, generates healing and gets rid of artifacts, Firestarter with Onyx jaguar creates 2/2’s with rush which helps remove artifacts and control the board, Xho and L’kian are there for card draw and have decent bodies which makes them a threat when an onyx jaguar is on the board (a 3/5 is a lot harder to remove than a 2/4).

enjoy, suggestions are welcome


I don’t think this build really wants L’Kian or Spiral Technique in the same way that it suffers from having no Juxtaposition representation. Also, definitely feel that Scarlet Viper or Gore Horn are at home alongside their Jaguar friend. There really isn’t much other than good positioning to do about playing around Zen’Rui. Lantern Fox just gets punished hard by it, but that’s just the downside to playing Fox- you still need to be willing to play it naked, or you’ll just get blown out by making awkward plays or no plays.

Where I think this particular list suffers, is from trying to copypasta functional Spellhai decks and then replace things with Firestarters and Jaguars, Mana Vortex doesn’t really make sense without Heaven’s Eclipse and Blood Rage Masks. Rather you need to start with a more functional core (which I would assume is Katara-Fox-Jaguar,) and then choose the cards that best support that strategy (this list puts a higher workload on Inner Focus, for example.) Don’t be afraid of trying experimental cards for redundancies (Gore Horns, Kaido Assassins, Wind Runners, Beastmasters etc.)


why meld? you only have 9 viable targets and no boars. i’m not going to pretend to be good at songhai but that seems kind of wierd. feel free to correct me if i’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, nature
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yeah lmao,


Why are you saying only 9 viable targets? I understand the no boars part but 9 certainly seems like a lot of potential targets… I’m a noob at duelyst meta so humor my question.


9 is okay but it’s generally not the best for a mirror meld centric deck. Since mirror meld can only copy 2 or less mana minions, you want some value out of the spell. The 9 targets being Katara, which is okay, Chakri, which is really good because of the snowball power and Xho, which I’m not even sure the spell works on since it’s a battle pet and would be terrible if the spell does work.


Mirror meld on a xho is essentially a spell cycle, and is actually pretty good for effects, considering the discounted price.


Can it be cast on Xho?
Xho gives a random spell though, it might be better to clone something that gets out of control quickly, like Chakri or Ranged Minions.


I can attest to this, getting a seven cost spiral technique to stack with your 8 cost one is pretty neat. Just happened to me. Cloning Chakri is the way to go though. Can escalate quickly from there.


4 months later…


Good conversation is timeless. Necro-threads never say die. And I hope zombie squirrels feast on your nuts.


Chakri is the way I usually go, but sometimes you don’t have it. I’ll usually do it as a turn 2 play to make use of the 4 mana.


I just had a game, went second, spawned chakri on center mana, cloned it, inner focused clone and moved it onto other mana then teleported it to last mana. My opponent immediately quit, lol. Guess it was too fancy for him. Fun opening though.


Going to lock old necro. Feel free to make a new thread on a list updated for current Duelyst environment, though (if you think it needs that :thinking:) :smile: