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Onyx jaguar deck please


Hej can somebody help me construct onyx jaguar deck?


Do you have any budget constraints?


So this would be a basic shell of the deck. Keep in mind that it’s not really a good deck and shidai arcanyst is probably going to have a higher win rate (in my opinion, arcanyst is tier 3 and this in the current meta is tier 4).

From here you can fill out to your preferences. Make sure to get some 2 drops. I would also add in assassination protocol and inner focus because they can act as pseudo move spells and my list would look something like this:

DISCLAIMER: My list is very bad and I am not good at deckbuilding, but I think the shell is solid nevertheless.

You can also check out this deck tech video by Son of Makuta who is a well known Duelyst content provider here.


There is @owlbeastmd’s Midrange Kaleos list in this month power rankings. It uses Jaguar.

Here it is:


Ayyy that was indeed a fun deck. Alas, I cut jag from my current version. Should still work decently on ladder, however :smiley:


Since you are here I’d like to ask. Why 1-off HE?


You know, I was wondering this for a while too. I keep seeing it in the power rankings as well and wondered why it would be in a minion based deck. I came to the conclusion that if all other spells in your deck are MDS and jux, then you now have a hand filled with MDS and juxs and if you happen to have a flamewreath on board at the same time…

It’s genius, really.


It’s also one of the oldest tricks in the book :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit; smh mobile


refill + specific tutor to movement spells (IF is a movement spell in this case). You didn’t need more than one since HE is generally only played late when you have a board presence.


Thanks you for help


Why does nobody include sparrowhawk?


Because Sparrowhawk is an Arcarnyst which requires more arcanysts to use his ability. And if you are playing Arcanysts you want things like Owlbeast and Co, not Onyx Jaguar.

Another question would be why nobody bothers with Chaos Elemental anymore. He is actually not that bad by himself and with Jaguar he gets outright silly.


What about that ash mesphyst thing or zyx to act like hai swarm?
i.e lots of bodies to move for benefits.

Also is this Jag deck ever any good looks very slow to me…


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