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One year in Duelyst land (review)


That’s it! I found Duelyst about a year ago, at that time trying to find a new thing to scratch my CCG itch.

My first impression of the game was rather poor: I’ve never been good at chess, go, or anything similar; the first games against the AI were underwhelming due to the very narrow selection of starting units; faction identity and lore/universe were utterly confusing; the pixel art direction was off putting.
(rating: 3/10)

I forced myself to keep playing, convinced that the game that had such great reviews was going to reveal itself as soon as I got a bigger collection to draw from. I was right, my enjoyment grew tenfold as soon as I got the Bronze Package.
(rating: 9/10)

Songhai started to look attractive, then I thought Abyssian was more my style, until I recently “got” what Vanar was about. Nowadays I pat myself on the back for never disenchanting anything.

Faction ratings
  • Lyonar: straightforward (5/10)
  • Songhai: weak/OP (4/10)
  • Vetruvian: weird (4/10)
  • Abyssian: kind of like Black in MTG, versatile (7/10)
  • Magmar: silly and OP (6/10)
  • Vanar: kind of Blue in MTG, freestyle (8/10)

Boronian and his wiki were such a great help in figuring out how to play. I got involved in the wiki project, and the community. Many friends here helped me grow from naive noob to regular experimenter (still not competitive though!).
(wiki & friends - you know who you are: 10/10)

In conclusion: Great game, time well spent in the Duelyst land. And off to another year of enjoying it!



You were wrong. 3 * 10 = 30, not 9. :wink:


Anjo, you donmt understand. Multiplying 3x10 is siinpmy the first part. You need to then divide that 30 by 10 to get 3 which lands you with 2 numbers (hold onto that 2, you’ll need it later). Proceed to subtract 3 from the 10 to get 7. Now bring that 2 you saved back and add to the 7 resulting in 9 which is the reason why I should’ve brought my gloves.


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