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ONE WEEK LEFT to register your drafts for Gauntlet Throwdown 3 (Dec 22nd) - RG Argeon/Dogehai 1ST PLACE PRIZE


All details here:


Wait, how long do drafted decks last for in friendly mode? Can we just not play them in Gauntlet to keep them forever?

How do we share our draft with you, and why is a screenshot of the final draft not sufficient?


They last two weeks. You share via discord screenshare or private stream of some kind. Screenshot is not enough because I can’t trust you didn’t just resign runs until you got an OP draft you’re happy with. I allow for one redraft and you can pick between the better of the two decks, that’s all you get :slight_smile:


Do you have to watch the screenshare live (I don’t know how they work)?


yes its very easy with the discord desktop app, i can guide through the process once you’re in the channel


Do I need the desktop app?


yes, screenshare doesn’t work with browser version unfortunately.


i was gonna register but the internet here in the Philipinnes i dont know if it can handle duelyst and a stream it is also the reason why you dont see Filipino streamer that often


hmm well if you wanted to try anyways let me know! the screenshare would only need to happen for a little bit until you get a solid amount of distinguishable cards


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