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"One moment" preventing Quest progress



I get the “one moment” message after each game and the game freezes in this state. When i end the game via task manager, no progress towards quests is recorded.

Operating System:

Windows 10

System Specs:



Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play a game until the end.
  2. Get the “one moment” message.


Same problem with mine :confused: , played 3 games today 1st was a lose and was working like normal, then the 2nd game was a victory then i received this so i closed the game after a long wait, played another game because I thought it was a 1 time thing and I won again, but the same thing happened. :sob:


We had a job processor outage last night causing end-of-game processing to go off the cliff. It should be resolved. Sorry for the bad games :frowning: