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One last hurrah to farewell Duelyst

Hey everyone,

It’s truly a sad day for us all. With the announcement today, we have to deal with something that we thought we wouldn’t have to deal with for a long time, and so we have to say goodbye.

At some point between now and the server closure, as an in memoriam, I’d love to organise an event to celebrate all our times playing one of the best CCGs of all time. Whether that’s a tournament or something else, building the most jank decks possible and going for it, I just want something to send off Duelyst.

Following that, I call on all of you if you aren’t planning to already, to dust off your Duelyst accounts, and enjoy our final month together.

I also want ideas for an event, and if you want to help, please let me know! It’s time for one last massive community effort before Duelyst rides into the sunset.

I’ve loved every second I spent on this game and will miss it dearly.

Cheers, Alex


How about a duelyst refugee channel? A place where the duelyst community can go to after the game died?


There may or may not be a discord literally called the ‘Duelyst Refugees Guild’

That said, I’m debating spamming a whole bunch of matches one more time before the game goes down forever. I’m terrible at finding time for formal events like tourneys, although I’d at least try to participate. I’d otherwise just be down for a ‘let’s crash the servers’ day, where everyone plans to get on at the same time on the same day :slight_smile:


One big tourny for everyone plus “play with a bronze month” when you friend and play against bronze players


What will happen to the forums? If the forums would shut down along with literally everything that has been posted here, I’m going to be pissed.


Remove the 3 copy crafting limit, so we can make 1000s of serpenti after we disenchant everything


I’ll ask some Russian hackers to crash BN servers afterwards.

Just kidding.

Or do I?


Ironically, Team Wars are nearing the end right now (it’s the last week before the playoffs, I believe, but I’m sure you’re aware of that and what Meltdown League is).
There’s already been some ideas for a small tournament and I linked this thread in the MDL Discord server.


Yeah as Zero said, im planning on doing a farewell 1 day tournament either on the 22nd or 23rd of feb, if you want to join and help wed be pleased to have you. Simplest way would be to join the meltdown server. https://discord.gg/jVCMzD :slight_smile: :frowning:


How many orbs can I win?


3,14159 orbs to the victor.


Don’t know if it’s possible, but how about a stream from the Duelyst twitch channel in the last hour or two before the servers close. With bringing on people who worked on the game, like devs, artists, community managers etc and just have them talk or something along those lines.


I’ll be there, with my alabaster titan.

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This is an awesome idea. Something along the lines of the GDQ Finales to see off the game.


RIP my passion, my strength, my achievement. Goodbye, my 1000 wins, my battle ribbons, my only diamond division season, my 1/3 record against Scarzig, my memories of sneaking a match or two before I had to go to highschool… my last 3 years, You have been so much to me and I will always remember those perfect days.


I wish there was a way to mod the client so we could still play sandbox by ourselves at least :sob::sob::sob::sob:


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