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One last deck to share before it all ends!

Hello, I’m back again one last time to show you another creation of mine. This deck plays around the ridiculous effect of Wailing Overdrive. I’m a big fan of high cost high value spells that you can play on curve and Wailing Overdrive is just that so I thought I might try and make it work.

The deck is all about getting a massive health lead early on and warbirding them down until they die. It plays very cleanly and it’s very efficient at what it does.
Hyper aggressive while having all the tools necessary to deal with any match up.

As the first player your dream opening is, Protosensor into Malicious Wisp and then Wailing Overdrive on the Wisp to hit their general in the face on turn 3.
As the second player, Wings of Paradise first turn into Wailing Overdrive second turn and hitting their general gives you a 10 health advantage right off the bat.
And if things weren’t ridiculous enough already, you have the massive 8 damage burst with Tiger + Overdrive at 8 mana.
Also tricking your opponent into playing into Avalanche is super fun.

Some of the components might seem dubious if you haven’t played it. like Avalanche or Tiger. I tried to find better 4 Mana substitutes but in the end I came back to them because I genuinely found them to be the best choice in most situations/match ups.

Anyways that’s it for now. Give it a try and kick some butt! Good luck!


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