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One Faction, Under Serpenti

Japan has done it again.

First they stole a bunch of stuff from Chinese culture.

Then they stole the name of an African state – the Songhai Empire.

And now… they have stolen every card from every other faction in Duelyst.

That’s right, folks. The other five factions have ceased to exist. Take that, Abyssian! Everything has been assimilated into the Songhai Empire. As consolation, the Songhai have embraced communism and made all cards free for everyone, even in their highly-sought-after prismatic forms. The seven sisters, alternate generals, Kickstarter exclusive skins, and even Mythrons are all free. Indeed, Mythrons have been so freed that you can even put three of each into the same deck!

At first, the other factions were bitter about having their cultures appropriated. But then they realized that together, they were stronger than ever before. For instance, they could play a P1 T2 Grandmaster Kraigon:

Behold the beauty of the new Songhai Empire – one faction, under Serpenti, indivisible, with liberty and free cards for all! :lyogiggle::vankiss::hairage::abysspls::magsad::sirpenti:


Q. What even is this?
A. This is a mod. What else would it be, a complete waste of time on Photoshop?

Q. Is this mod going to get me banned?
A. Of course not! Unfortunately, multi-faction decks made with this mod can only be played in Sandbox mode, which is enabled by a script written by @t2k5 (included in this mod), so you can’t use it to destroy real players in Ranked.

Q. So this mod is completely useless, then?
A. That’s right! Not at all! Games are for having fun, and it sure is fun to create wacky decks with any cards you want, even if you don’t own them, and pit them against each other. You can play against yourself or against an opponent in the same room as you (by switching off). That theorycrafting thread for all-faction decks can now become a reality! And, for any Duelyst Twitch streamers out there, I have a suggestion…

FANTASY DUELYST – Where the streamer builds an all-faction deck and pits it against a deck created and controlled by the audience. Both sides would be able to see the other side’s hand, but that just adds more strategy (maybe)!

Q. Can I still play in Ranked with this mod enabled?
A. Yes, so long as you use a deck made entirely out of cards that you actually own. You will also have to remake all of your non-Songhai decks, unfortunately, but you can play with other factions in Ranked.

Q. Will enabling this mod destroy my collection and everything I hold dear?
A. No. It will only expand your collection, and when you reset to the original Duelyst code, your old collection will be back just the way it was before (plus any cards you earned from orbs and daily rewards while playing with the mod)!

Q. Where can I get this mod?
A. Right here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DKNfGLw4hv5r1OeK34q-kpRGNgS8wWzQ

Q. How do I enable the mod once I have downloaded it?

  1. Navigate to this folder (for Steam on Windows): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Duelyst\resources\app\src
  2. Copy the duelyst.js file in that folder to a safe place (so you can disable the mod later)
  3. Replace the duelyst.js file in the src folder with the modded one

Q. What do you think about this mod?

  • Must-have
  • Awesome but useless
  • Stupid and useless

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Q. What do you think about the idea of Fantasy Duelyst?

  • It’s more exciting than Fantasy Football, that’s for sure
  • Cool idea, but no streamers will go for it
  • I will spam Duelyst Twitch streamers (if there are even any left) until they start playing Fantasy Duelyst
  • I will start Twitch streaming myself just to play Fantasy Duelyst
  • It’s honestly the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard
  • It sounds cool, but I doubt it would work as well as you imagine

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I’m so confused right now.


Would you like to add a question to the FAQ?

“What kind of monster would do this?” or “What the hell is going on?”, perhaps?


Hang on, so if I use this mod and make a Ranked viable deck from cards I don’t own without the mod, I can play in ranked with unowned cards?

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No you can’t. The servers will not let you enter a game.


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