On the matter of Decimus and the issue with symmetrical draw


It sure is really early to make a definite judgement, but it seems like Aggro-Magmar and its many iterations are going to be a if not the Tier S deck this season, and depending on the actions CPG takes even after that. As we all experienced by now, either on the performing or the receiving end, the main ways of dealing dmg are:
a) rush minions, nothing new here really, they always are a pain
b) Zoo. Zoohorn isn’t really common right now, but Thraex and friends would prolly still be good with Entropic Gaze and tectonic spikes.
c) the draw engine
What makes current starhorn so strong is that he mills through his deck insanely fast to be incredibly consistent, while dealing dmg with his draw cards and decimus, and can then proceed to Lucy-combo you to death etc. BUT: Starhorn takes a lot of dmg in the process himself. Lucy makes him take 4 dmg, rancour requires you to use face, spikes makes you take 3 etc.
And Decimus works both ways.
What i am trying to say with this thread is: Why didn’t people start running decimus as a tech card yet? The expansion brought a few new and good draw cards (the magmars, trinity oath, divine spark) and sped up the meta even further. Decimus could be a valueable control tool, that works in both ways, pushing dmg vs control decks (rite of the undervault for example) and stopping aggrodecks from refilling, most importantly Starhorn.
I am currently trying midrange lyonar with 2 trinity oath + 2 circle of life + 1 decimus and + 1 excelsious, since those heals + Slo and bloodtear should be fairly effective at killing aggro, while having the typical lyonar earlygame that can destroy slow controls decks.


It’s definitely worth trying. Depends on how prevalent drawmar becomes (it’s insane right now, because it’s the most easy to play and understand new archetype).

Personally, I just don’t want to have to craft Decimii right now, which is something I think could drop out of the meta pretty quickly.


I think when it comes to being played as a counter measure he suffers from the same shortcomings as Night Watcher does: he is a minion. Minion-based denial effects are just too easy to deal with. Opp plays a Decimus? I just delay my card draw one turn and deal with his otherwise weaker-than-average minion. Opp plays Night Watcher to stop my Rush shenanigans? Same story. I just kill it and proceed as planned a turn later.

Ultimately the opponent played a minion that cost a little too much for its stats, with an effect that never became relevant, while I just had to deal with a minion that had sub-par stats and delayed whatever I might’ve wanted to do for a single round (if at all).


Yeah sure, if it is dealt with its kinda doodoo, the thing is, Aggro doesn’t have many answers, and i personally really only run thumping waves in my Starhorn (maybe a shroud or two, don’t really remember). And if you can force them to use a wave, well, you just avoided face damage as well. I mean thats why you’d play decimus in that matchup to begin with, to avoid face damage, even if you just stall a turn. They obviously aren’t going to spikes and kill themselves, they just won’t play it at all.


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